Companion is screwing up my game

In the Beta
I was in Torsberga fort and my companion kept running into me and knocking me under ground. I couldn’t do anything, I could move around but not shoot anything or get back to the normal level. This happened 3 times,

maybe drop it from your inventory and then pick it up again?

It’s not in my inventory, I had deployed it. When this happened I had to restart the game or fast travel. I fast traveled the second time.

Ok, but you can put him in your inventory at all times right?

Maybe then he’ll behave :grin:

I can’t when I’ve been knocked below the ground. I can’t get to it.

That’s a serious problem. Can you transport to another safehouse?

This is so game breaking and kinda funny but sad. :melting_face:

Yes I can, that’s the only way I’ve found to remedy the situation…

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mine keeps killing me by teleporting into me and sending me flying or crashing my bike and if there is anything explosive nearby (car gas can ect.) it detonates it usually killing me (or leaving me in single digits)
Xbox series X solo