Companion Launching Player

I’m playing on PC in my single player world

The companion has on multiple times ran into me and launched my character really far
causing me to take fall damage. I’m not really sure why sometimes i get pushed and other times i just get sent flying but its really annoying.

Cpu: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X
Ram: 32 Gb
Motherboard: MSI Gaming Pro Carbon
Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070 4Gb

Edit: i don’t know if this changes anything but I’m playing the game through the Xbox app because that’s where i first started playing the game.


Dog is doing the funny,

Seriously yes it is annoying and not only he launches you in the air but live robots and corpes of robots (<- sometimes to the moon).
Maybe increase the range before the dog gets tp back to you or when in fights disable it,
(it’s an idea) .
I’m on Steam and it’s the same for me .

Today I had a new experience with my companion - Drowned by dog, twice!
Getting used to being pushed, both forwards and backwards, getting a flight over the largest fields and just barely making it through life with a few % health left. Most of the times, but today at the piers in Österåker I face certain death flying far out over the sea, twice. :expressionless:

In the end it’s just a machine…and you’re a human. We know what they did to us. See it as feature : a bug in the programming of the companion. :sweat_smile:

Devs don’t have to fix the bug, just give us a paraglider and a life jacket.
Who haven’t had a wish to paraglide from the highest mountain or exploring the coasts from the water side in GZ?
Then they kill at least two birds with one stone! :grin:


At least I agree with the paragliders.
There could be some special locations where they can be found and used.

Besides of that sometimes a parachute could be useful. If you fall off of a cliff or a lighthouse for example.

I never had the situation of flying away due to some weird physics, but in these cases it could be useful, too.

Not like in Just Cause series, but maybe like in CoD Warzone.

It’s very annoying. Dog hit me so hard in a bunker I fell through the world and was below it. Please fix!

Had a new one! So far one of a kind I never experienced before.

Instead of companion teleport to me and send me away up to hundreds of meters, as usual.
The @$&#! just humped me from close distance, say 5-10 meters, and sent me sky high straight up about a 100 to let me fell down to certain death. Another wasted adrenaline injection.

These physics/collision glitches seem to happen because of an apparent deficiency in the companion’s AI/pathfinding…

From time to time, your Runner just isn’t capable of walking to you normally, for whatever reason, so it will fast travel or warp to you…but, while doing so, their physics aren’t disabled, so if they warp under you, or through you, BAM, straight to the moon! To me it seems to be the worst when either the player is trying to wander around inside of a bunker complex, or ride a vehicle, while they have the dog deployed.

The companion’s pathfinding seems almost completely incompatible with interiors, like the other machines themselves to some extent, so rather than walking around inside wherever normally the companion is far more likely to warp between certain spots in the structure as the player moves about…and if they happen to collide, yeah, through the wall/floor/ceiling you go.

The terrain in the game, as in any open-world game, is pretty varied…so, it does make sense that the machines might have pathfinding issues. They all do, to some extent. So it is understandable for there to be issues, but it is a bit annoying at times. I’ve given up on letting the dog roam freely, pretty much ever. I’ll carry it, and only deploy it when it absolutely needs to be deployed, then pick it back up and carry on. Just a work-around to avoid the glitchiness, until improvements are made. Speaking of which, some supposedly were just recently, but I’ve not let him wander the bunkers to see just yet.

As for while riding a vehicle, the companion just can’t keep up. So, instead of even trying, it’ll usually get caught in a loop of warping to you. If you’re lucky, it’ll pop up to the left or right, or behind, but if it shows up ahead of you, or under you…probably going to hurt. I’m still on a lowly, plain old XB1, so I can’t reliably use any of the vehicles anyway, but I’ve witnessed enough Runner-related vehicle wrecks all the same…

It is pretty inconvenient to have to carry Dogmeat all the time, but it beats the alternatives I think—for now.

Of course, as you folks noticed, the companion and pretty much all other machines can also cause physics/collision glitches just by running (normally, not warping) into/through/over wrecks. I think quite a while back things got changed in regards to how machine wrecks go from being physical/loose to being static or semi-static, which (combined with the same for their knocked-off parts) seems to contribute greatly (terribly) to wrecks getting sent flying, too.

Came here looking to see if anyone else was getting thrown 100ft + by the dogo. You never know when it’s going to happen. I can be trying to stealth by some machines, engaged in combat, or the biggest annoyance, just picking the darn thing up. I’m on PS4, and my buddy is on PS5 and it is happening to both of us. It can outright kill you, take fall damage or knock you right into the middle of a group of machines. Getting to where we are just not using the dogo much at all. We like the feature, but it’s more of a hinderance than a help anymore. Please fix this.

Sour Patch Kids Commercial :rofl: explains this, sometimes there sweet & sometimes there sour

my companion has bumped me into the air a couple times falling to my death, had to use adrenline shot :upside_down_face: , that’s not my issue, puppies often have accentdently hurt there owner before, but afterwards the puppies show there apologies, my companion shows no emotions, no I’m sorry, just keeps one talking & stands there lol

Yup, had a permadeath run and this killed me. Sucks. Got a clip of it though, may it help solve the problem I guess: