Companion Station completely bugging out

PC (non beta Steam)

Here’s what I have - I was renaming my Companion and suddenly I was locked to one of the naming lists. I move my mouse but all I can do is scroll this list. I exit the station and re-enter but now I’m in the Configure section and nothing is clickable. I can’t switch to Appearance section either. That part of the ui is unusable now. I can still hear the list-scrolling sound when I move my mouse.

Changing Stations did not help. Restarting resets it but its still there.

Steps To Reproduce:
Go to your Companion Station and click on Configure Companion. Click on Appearance and then open Name tab.

Click the Appearance section button a couple of times.

Grab the vertical white line scrollbar handle of the names list and scroll up and down a couple of times (the 3rd list works best).

You will have your mouse stuck to that list now.

Did not work? try scrolling one of the other name lists. Re-entering the station and doing it again works too. It happens a little differently every time I try to do it but it was triggered every single time.

Players in your game:
Single Player

Ryzen 7 with RTX 3050 running Windows 10