Companion update - base missing co-op

Hi there, I have been playing with my man in co-op. He is the host. We completed Building blocks mission and unlocked first control point base. Now, after the Companion update, the base is missing for me and I cannot fast travel to that place of interact with pillboxes and I cannot see it on the map.

Platform: PC
Steam version,
Co-op client
PC specs more than ebough, all drivers up to date
Steps to reproduce (not sure about that) - finish building blocks mission as client, update to companion, join as client the same game, no base (not tried)
Game restart does not help. Fast traveling to distant places does not help.
Players in game - 2

I’m having the same issue as host after the update, my friend is unable to see control points on the map, build or interact at my control points, and FNIX control points are invisible. This only started a full day after the patch, after we had both experienced the regular game crashes

After a little more testing, it seems like it’s a clientside error. One friend could see the control point on the map, fast travel, build, and interact with the base as normal, but another couldn’t. I tried initiating a base defense mission to see if it would fix it, but it crashed my game instantly the first try, the second started the base defense but didn’t fix the missing control point issue. She’s verified game files already, and is attempting a full fresh installation of the game