Companions dont work in multiplayer


**Platform:**ps4 pro

**Description:**If you spawn companion in multiplayer game you get disconnected

Steps To Reproduce:
Spawn a companion in multiplayer game
Images / Videos:

Host or Client:

**Players in your game:**2


Have you been host or client?
Do you own the companion DLC?
How was the configuration of the companion?
Did all players use the companion or just you?

Until now there were many reports about that issue, but in some cases everything went fine. In general it’s no problem if just the host uses the companion. That still may lead to disconnects for the clients or the host, but that seems to depend on which modules for the companion are used.

Oh. And one more question: did you play with friends or did you join random multiplayer sessions? (Is it possible that you just got kicked out of the session because of using the companion?)