COMPETITION: Best Reaper Image


By popular demand, its time for another competition! This time we want your best picture of the Reaper.

Share your contribution in this thread for a chance to win a GZ T-shirt! The 3 winners will be announced on stream the 9th of December. Bring it on!


Wow this looks great! I have never got a reaper though :frowning:


Does it need to be in Photo Mode? We sneaked really close the other day, unfortunately we couldn’t deliver that “surprise damage” we usually do with fuel cells and gas cans:


I just killed all Rivals trying to get Schematics. So just for fun This REAPER.


can i post here my image for the competition?


I would say yes…


probably not gonna win, but it was my first ever reaper kill, and it was extremely fun


My contribution posted on Twitter: “Not yet full moon and already some nasty monsters on the run.”


I like the explosion after gassing, also funny when he dies by the explosion


Does this count?


Please submit a picture, not a video


Well, I have a better picture than my previous posted one and the best Reaper kill I ever did. From the top of the panoramic tower in the middle of Himfjäll Island. His explosions and dogs could not damage me. Loved to see his blast from above :slight_smile:


Not a serious entry, as i’ve already won a past comp; but it would be nice to see more pics from photo mode my dudes! Lets get some more entries in this comp, the challenge is more so using photomode when facing off against such a tough opponent!





:radioactive:The era of nuclear winter has come!:radioactive:

Battle music when facing The Reaper


definitely looks awesome from this point of view


ok, so another try :v:


Hard decision - have quite some reaper souvenir photos. I just like the ‘lonely guardian’ topic.