COMPETITION: Build A Hedge Maze

Let’s get lost! Share your biggest, boldest, most amazing hedge maze here with us on the Forum for a chance to win some awesome Generation Zero prizes! :trophy: Post a picture, a video, or something showing of your hedge maze here in this thread to participate.

The GZ team will vote on their favorites and winners presented live on stream on the 23rd! Please remember to only submit one entry per person.


Thanks for taking the time to post about the competition on the forum too.


Since I can only build 22 of the hedge modules before I hit the limit, I can’t build my maze at my base. But I will post my Resistance Maze layout of the maze I would have built if I had enough hedge modules. Somewhere in the maze the Howard Carter wannabees might find the tomb of Lootandammo.

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When I build my base I go for a minimalist approach with thick walls. I would love to see how small you guys can make your mazes.

Hedges count as walls, so the limit is 150.
Tear down those walls and go live :wink:

3x3 with one entrance and one exit.


Yes, I know, but that’s not what I like to do. I like my base as it is now. :crazy_face:
I wanted the maze and base next to each other. Not tear one thing down to build another thing.

But I built a small one.


The best angle i could get of my Maze as i have no clue where to get a actual view of it from.


What we need is a build unit in our arsenal, that is a high tower with an armored crows nest which we can reach with an automatic lift, like the generators going up and down. Cool also to defend the base from. And take pictures of mazes from high above of course. :laughing:


My treasure… :pleading_face:

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sorry for the delay everyone, here’s the winner announcement!

@0L0 congrats on 2nd place!


Congrats @0L0 !

Thanks, @Carniv0re!

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Congrats everyone!

@Mrshneeblie If you’re one of the winners, poke @Carniv0re about it :+1:

Hey:) We’ll be in touch soon!

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