COMPETITION: Dressed For Halloween

Show us what you’re rocking this Halloween and have to change to win a Generation Zero t-shirt!

Share a picture of your best Generation Zero Halloween outfit here in this thread and the GZ team will vote on 3 winners who they think are showing off the hottest Halloween fashion. The competition will run until the 5th of November and the winners will be presented live on stream on the 10th of November!

One submission per person and please try not to be too scary!


So since I don’t see a limit to the number of costumes I will try to do one theme per day, today the amazing movie Sällskapsresan (1980)

First up, the SunTrip guide:

Second up, Stig-Helmer on the airplane:

Stig-Helmer during the “Jag kan flyga, jag är inte rädd” scene at the psychiatrist:

Stig-Helmer at the SunTrip resort:

Making pictures would be easier if we could select Jacket as “none” instead of being forced to put a jacket on our characters, and actual shorts would be nice too.

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I was under the impression this was for live person costumes verses dressing up our characters. How else would they be presented prizes on live stream? :thinking:

I’ve had to wear sweat shorts during Temps below 10⁰ F, so wearing shorts in the frozen wastes of Sweden during the fall sounds like an awful idea ((coming from an American))

Its your character, but if you want to show of your IRL costume that’s fine too! Winners will be announced on stream on the 10th after the GZ team has voted on their favorites. :grinning:

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:blush: No…It’s ok! I don’t dress up for Halloween, but thank you for clearing it up!

Jan was murdered while camping near the ski slopes, rumor has it her ghost haunts the area causing mayhem and killing those that cross her path.

Rumor is also that she had something to do with the murder of the bride and groom party. All there is are these blurry pictures from the security cams.


Today, day 2, I will dress up as some other movie characters from the movie Dumb and dumber (1994)




Something is broken :frowning: Three evenings, not a single piece of Halloween apparel.

Previous Halloween gave us tons of nice clothes…

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No new event clothing was added. The clothes from last Halloween were only reactivated.


Thi is my Character Amelie Devereux
she’s going with Helldiver to a Halloween Party at the Björntunet Hotel


One of those countless faceless hemvarnets somewhere on Farmlands…


No issue if the clothing is old or new… It just does not drop… Killed hundreds of machines in 3 days…

You need a active connection to the GenZ servers.

Day 3, Jurassic park (1993)

Ian Malcolm:

John Hammond:

Same for me and my coop-friend. Two days ago we went to our homebase and did some defend-missions, but no halloween-loot. Same in the other regions. Is it broken because of the support-site issues or something else?

A short message of the devs would be nice, since the event only lasts for about one more week. Thx

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Everything is running just fine on all platforms and the event is active! If nothing dropped for you and your friend its very bad luck so far im sad to say :C

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Try the DLC Alpine Unrest to get some clothes.

I have been changing regions every day and hitting high machine activity areas for tanks, harvesters, hunters, and runners. It has been very productive. But I do destroy a lot of machines and I may be very lucky!

Edit: my map has no open missions and can spawn a reaper (level 21 or higher) on all but the littlest region.