Complete 7 defense missions assignments

complete 7 defense missions assignments :face_with_raised_eyebrow: in 24 hours lol

, I guess I’m skipping dinner with my family again tonight :dizzy_face: wowzers ??? !

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I still don’t get it why the devs leave this crappy assignment in the pool… :confused:

Get rid of it as a daily assignment and maybe introduce it back as a weekly one…


the 7 defense assignment & 7 assault assignment are meant to be a week thing 7 days, :frowning: but the game-devs haven’t fixed it yet

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What gives ? 4 months later and the “Complete 7 whatever” as a DAILY assignment is still in the assignment pool… :roll_eyes: :confounded:

Honestly, is anybody really doing these "7x"assignments ? And/or is it really that difficult to remove especially this from the daily assignment pool ?



I agree.
But I also don’t know how the team and their daily tasks look like.

I always just think: there’s a reason…

If you have a small team and everyone has specific tasks and goals and if they’re under pressure, I can really understand that things have to be done in order by priority or what else.

It’s…you cannot just stop doing what you have to do just to fix this and that which you don’t even know how it has been done… If you didn’t do it by yourself, you first have to learn how it has been done and what else might be affected by it. That’s time that you don’t can easily spend while you have to do other more important things.

That’s how I see the situation.

again today, didn’t we just have one Saturday lol, I have yet to check my PS4 for today & what assignments there are Monday, owell, game-devs have yet to fix that :confused: the 7 defense & 7 assaults are supposed to be a week 7 day thing, it hasn’t been fixed yet, owell, it is what it is

I do them :smirk: with my back-up save, Operation Back-Step, is what I call it

8 standard first aid kits & 5 paramedic medical kits, :smiling_face: , it’s all worth it,

All kinds of crappy assignments like that, which ought to get revamped at some point. So many Base Defenses, so many Harvesters, this, or that… Changes that could’ve been made whenever the change from “Weekly” to “Daily” was made, ideally, or at any point since then.

Sure, the team may be however small, and how much overworked otherwise. How far long past time is it, to delay whatever next new thing they may want to do, to work on getting what is in the game already working as it should?

Time for another round of “just fixes” updates. Three or four of’em, several months worth.