Complete collection isn't complete

I just bought the complete collection, sinds i really wanted the resistance and east europe weapon packs. And now with the sale going on i tought, hey why not buy the complete pack so i’ve got everything, it’s only about 8 euro’s more then buying the 2 weapon packs seperatly…

So i said and so i did. But as it turns out both the eastern european weapon pack and motorbikes pack are not incuded in the complete collection, wich at the top under “about this bundle” sais “Generation Zero - Complete Collection contains all the DLCs released for Generation Zero up until now. This bundle is ever evolving, and will continue to grow as the game does.”

I mean it’s a little bit my fault for not looking trough all the things included in the pack… but i still kind of felll scammed a little with this :frowning:

So as a warning for people looking into buying the complete collection, watch out it’s not actually complete!


Always check what the pack has.
Games with many DLCs usually have this problem.
Euro Truck Simulator
Zombie Army 4
Dying light (at least it did)
Tropico games
Total War games
Are just some good examples of this issue.

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I’m sorry to hear that you encountered this issue with the Generation Zero - Complete Collection on Steam. It can be frustrating to purchase a bundle only to find out that it doesn’t contain all of the advertised content.

It’s important to carefully review the contents of a bundle before making a purchase, especially if you are expecting it to include specific DLC or content. In this case, it sounds like the bundle may not have been accurately described as “complete.”

If you believe that the bundle was misrepresented or that there was an error, you may want to reach out to Steam support for assistance. They may be able to offer a refund or provide further clarification on the contents of the bundle.

I hope that this helps, and I’m sorry that you had a negative experience with your purchase.

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Hey, sorry about that! We’ve now added the Motorbikes Pack and the Eastern European Weapons Pack to the complete bundle, but you will most likely have to purchase them separately now or get a refund on your bundle and re-purchase it. Cheers!

I would have thought, that if you upgraded the existing bundle that he already bought digital, that he probably just needs to reinstall it to get access to the expanded content.
Just if you replaced the previous bundle by a new “complete collection” bundle, he will likely need to buy them seperately.

It doesn’t matter to me personally, but some clarification maybe would be nice for others.


Or he could in Steam try to go to properties/local files/verify game files.


don’t worry i already went ahead and bought the eastern weapons pack seperatly, the motorcycles i haven’t bought yet tho… maybe in the future when there is a discount on them (I kindoff find it a little expensive atm) but that’ll be a concern for then haha.

now keep up the great work on the rest of the game (and fix builing blocks please xD)

It’s definitely the case that if you buy the Complete Edition and we add more DLC to it later, you don’t automatically get these new DLC for free. You’ll have to purchase them separately

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