Complete history of Rival events

I was fighting a pack of hunters of various kinds. In the middle of it a rival message popped up, but I was busy and have no idea what it was.

I have three rivals, atm (killed a lot). One still is lvl 1, could not have leveled up. Two are lvl 4, could not have leveled up either. No new rival spawned. What happened?

I would like a readable and complete history of rival events. The ‘local’ history of each rival is nice and all, but what are the time values? Rival life time in play hours? Very hard to relate to anything from my player perspective.

We need a journal where we can go back and see: “Ah, THAT has just happened.”

EDIT: In addition to that (each rival time line starts at zero), I’d prefer it always to be in player play time together with a display of the current play time, so that I can see how recently something happened. Lets say I have played 17 hours and something when my first rival spawns. So its timeline starts with 17:23. At 21:22 the rival leveled up from 1 to 2. And in the top left (?) corner of this screen my current play time is shown (e.g. 25:08).


I second that because as it is now it’s rather pointless and looks like the time schedule is reset with every playsession and not consistent in any other way