Complete World Wipe?

So I have been testing the “Remembrance” mechanic of Gen zero and this thought came to mind. Could you kill any and all machines and have your world be completely clear of all machines? If anyone has any theories or thoughts let me know. I am currently attempting this though of mine.

That was what I understood the original promise to be; I guess that has changed along the way. (Like, apparently when you idle in a house, ticks spawn around it now.)

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I see fewer machines after finishing the missions, but you’ll never kill them all. Some will respawn.
For a while I tried summoning all of them and putting them in the bin, and it’s not long before you can do it all over again.

Care to elaborate on that?


One thing to consider, if you attack a machine and you either die or escape , if you come back the machine health will remain the way it was when you died/escaped.
But i think this feature is only for a while, if you end your session everything will be rebooted.
Unfortunately the machines from missions, like Spiking the Gun or Another Castle do not respawn :disappointed:

They used to. Torsberga always had a tank that spawned in the first courtyard inside the Main Gate. I got attached to that Tank, especially as it always carried rockets, which I can generally find almost nowhere.

But even now, if you make a noise, then there is a patrol of Hunters who do a continuous circuit of Torsberga and they are dead easy to attract, and them with some runners.

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as far as i understand , there is some places the machines will re-spawn after time.

FNIX runners and hunters do that for me occasionally, maybe even more if attacked with rockets.

There is a safe-house in a ruin in the Farmlands which is always surrounded by five dogs, three of which fire rockets. Only one of those three ever has rockets to loot - the others are empty. Sometimes none of them has loot. So, one in three or four rocket-firing dogs ever has anything to loot. Hunters never, Tanks sometimes. Random algorithm, but I’d like that fixed. If it fires rockets at me, then it should give me rockets when I kill it. I need a screenshot of an empty dog.

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I still go to torsberga fort and there is always a tank in yes a courtyard area it’s gotta be a set spawn location

What?? :smiley:
Tell me please,have you finished the Spiking the guns main mission?

Thanks for the replies! This is very helpful to me! I guess I can’t clear out the big main island then. Maybe I can clear out the whole apocalypse DLC island instead?

Kill it while you can (it’s easy enough from the tunnel), because they abandon it after a while. But the Hunter patrol outside the front gate persists.

Also at least 2 tanks at the airport, as well as 4-5 hunters and 4-5 dogs.

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More like 40-50 dogs, just been there. :robot::gun: