Computer crashed and now I have a corrupt save file

Basically what the title says haha. Is there any way to fix it by myself or can the devs fix the savegame?

Of course if a new game is the only option, then so be it xD. But it would be extremly nice to be able to continue playing with my Lv 5 guns lol.

Try renaming the savegame.bac file to savegame

Check if you have this folder: Documents\Avalanche Studios\GenerationZero\Saves\released_default
There should be saves from about a month ago.

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Under the saves folder there will be a 17 number file which should have two files a savegame and a savegame.bac. The .bac is supposed to be the backup save. If you rename the .bac file by changing it to say .bac1a then the next time the game saves it will create a new .bac file otherwise every time it saves it will replace the existing .bac file.

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Tried but it didn’t work :(. And no released_default folder either.