Console axis/sensitivity

Attention Developers;
I have just recently installed this game on console(PS5). I was pretty excited to play this online with a friend only to find it unplayable due to two specific reasons.

  1. There is no y axis invert option
  2. No aim sensitivity option
    Is there any plans to add these two quality of life options in the settings as I along with many other gamers play every game in our library with inverted x/y axis.
    Without at least the invert axis option the game is virtually unplayable by us.
    Plrase consider adding these very necessary controller options.
    Thank you for your time.

There should be two sliders in the game options. One is for look sensitivity and the other is for ADS sensitivity. I would advise lowering the ADS sensitivity. It seemed pretty high when i first played it. Maybe im just old though. :man_shrugging:

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I looked through all settings, only sliders are FOV and sound options.
Controller options are nonexistant, just a controller button map.
This is on console version.

I’m playing on a PS5 as well. There is 100% an option for aiming and turning sensitivity. I spent half an hour trying to dial it in. Maybe i sent you to the wrong option section. There is another options menu labeled PS4 dual shock controller, or something similar.( I’m not in front of my console at the moment so i can’t be certain) Try looking there.

I must have missed it. Ill have to have another look-see tonight after work.
Did i miss the axis invert too? Or not one available?

I just checked and its all under the PS4 dual shock options tab. I think i attached a pic. :sweat_smile:

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Ya i found it earlier.
Didnt even realize it. I just thought that tab was for picking controller or M and K.
Thanks for the info.

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Asked feature already is there.
Problem isn’t a problem anymore.
I think the topic can be closed.

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No problem. Hope you enjoy the game!

Since the issue was solved I’ll close the thread.