Console Debugger for DMG and XP

It’d be great to have a way of having a breakdown of the damage and XP values for debugging. I’ve maxed the Enemy Marking and Veteran Guerilla skills, and attached the Spotter Module to my companion, but there doesn’t seem to be any synergy between them. I’m contemplating investing in the Skilled Spotter and Quick Learner weapon augmentations, but I don’t have much confidence with them synergising with my skills either.

It’d be great if a console window or something could be accessed which shows the breakdown of each damage instance and XP gain, so that we can better understand what’s going on. Perhaps it could show the final value, whereupon clicking the value it’s broken down into its calculation:

base weapon DMG + augmentation modifier + ammo modifier + range DMG reduction (if any) + machine material modifier + etc.

base XP + skill modifier + companion modifier + augmentation modifier + etc.

When mousing over each of these values the console could show a tooltip description of the modifier (i.e. 5.56mm AP ammo, Structure Destructor aug, etc.) to provide further clarity.

At this point I’m unsure whether I should just mark machines again with my binoculars or if that even overrides the original marking at all.

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Sounds interesting and would surely help also the developers to test changes and new features. But sounds like PC only.

As idea for all players, system independent:
For comparing damage values of weapons with/without skills, attachments and augmentations I could imagine something like a minigame in the game.

A resistance shooting range as buildable structure for bases or for the arena at normyrra.

There could be a button for spawning an idle machine of a selected type and class plus another button that shows a screen with damage values.

Now you can spawn machines to train targeting and destroying their weak parts or to find the best/fastest way to destroy each of them.
By using different weapons, skills (would require resetting skills of course) and augmentations you could compare the values of the screen.

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At this point I’m game for anything. Your idea of a firing range could certainly be interesting and doable. Placing various targets with different machine armours and components with some kind of feedback system could allow for determining DMG and XP values. Each target would have to provide a static XP amount based on the unit type and tier to allow for testing with skills, augs, etc.

I think there is reason why weapon dmg values and other info is not shown in exact numeric values. And it little bit adds to immersion of the game. You have to observe and figure out which weapon and how it is used works better for your play style.

Having exact values, or even partial information. Community would pretty quickly figure out machine HP, dmg resistances, etc.
Then it would be just excel warriors on forum calculating optimal damage outputs.

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I still doubt that this would be possible or make much sense. For maximum HP of a machine, ok, this value would be able to get.
But reaching it still wouldn’t be able to be calculated precisely. (Like “you need 32 shots of a 5c AI76 for a military hunter”)

I still believe that every single shot and hit may give you different results within a certain range. It depends too much of the used ammo and where exactly you hit the machine, as different parts may be damaged. You see it in the techview of a machine a little bit. Every single component has its own values and due to penetration of bullets multiple parts, armor and components, may get damaged with different values.

Totally agree.
Machine condition is percentage value. Machines have multiple components 100% condition, and then overall functionality of machine is 100%. Each of these component contribute to overall condition with some ratio defined. This makes calculating required hits, damage, resistance of armor, etc extremely hard.
You could say destroy these components a,b,c and d, machine gets destroyed. But this is what we already know.

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