Console - Prone from crouching

When you want to prone out from a crouched position, it doesn’t seem possible to do it without standing up first. Holding the button from a crouch will make you stand first and then go prone. This can be detrimental to stealth tactics at close quarters.


The issue is with buttons mapping rather than with the game. Here’s why:

On PCs, there are two different keys, i have mine:
C - crouch
Z - prone

When i stand upright: pressing C will crouch me or pressing Z will prone me.
When i’m crouching: pressing C will stand me up or pressing Z will prone me.
When i’m in prone: pressing C will crouch me or pressing Z will stand me up.

Yes I find this annoying on xbox. When I am in a stealth situation, going down to crawling often means I will be spotted


Platform: XBox One X (Not The New One)

Steps To Reproduce: This is repeatable anywhere at any point in the game.

Images / Videos: I haven’t provided any due to the nature of the problem.

Host or Client: Offline, playing single player (Can’t play mutilplayer due to only being silver membership but still receive updates)

Players in your game: Just me, by myself. (Prefer playing alone)

Specifications: XBox One X (Not The New One). I wasn’t sure what else you may need from
a console user - can provide more details if necessary.

Description: So, It’s a real simple one really… from a crouching position, if I want to go prone to quickly avoid the gaze of an oncoming machine, it is impossible to not be seen by said machine because my character will always stand first before going prone.

The way it currently goes starting from standing, to crouching, then prone holding B does seem a bit odd to me but it does work in the sense that it functions without limiting any other aspect of gameplay (that I’ve noticed). But when already in crouch, trying to go prone to avoid the sights of that enemy, holding B will make your character stand first, poking his head up and blowing the stealth aspect, THEN goes straight to prone, skipping crouching altogether. And just a little bit weirder, holding B while in prone will make your character go into crouching, then back into prone. Something about the whole set-up doesn’t seem right to me.

Now I had a quick look through the forum to make sure no one had beaten me to reporting this, and someone has, it’s just not been acknowledged as far as I can tell maybe due to the way it has been laid out (no details at the top).

In that same post someone else replied with an interesting answer as to why it may be, something to do with the way the pc controls are mapped out, and someone else said they were also experiencing this on the PS4. So this struck me as an obvious console problem and it seemed like it could be a quick and easy fix (I hope XD).

This was something I noticed right off the bat playing the game (since December last year) and I kept quiet about it because of the posts I mentioned before and knowing this was/is still being constantly updated. But alas the (Long awaited for me) February patch is out now and still no mention of this issue, so I’ve decided to create an account specifically for the purpose of reporting this issue and hopefully get it sorted.

**Sorta off topic here - I’ve never used a forum in my entire life (I’m 28 and not proud of that fact…) and sincerely hope I’ve done everything here by the book… I do at least know how unforgiving some forums can be if you re-post something already done or post in the wrong places…

**Just a shout out to the devs…

Your game is awesome! A fresh change to all the zombie apocalypses were all becoming accustom to. Honestly I brought this game when it went on offer with all the current DLC available for what seemed like a steal and I feel ashamed for it now because apon playing it I knew you guys and girls clearly deserved more for the efforts evolved in making something like this… and staying on top of it all… So yeah… hats off to you and keep up the good work!

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Same issue topics merged.

Forum search would’ve been nice. Other than that, you have well written bug report. :slightly_smiling_face:
Oh, don’t include feedback with bug reports. Keep them separate.


Wow, you guys work quick… many thanks and my apologies for mis-placing and going on towards the end. Total noob lol… will bare this in mind in future posts.

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As a newcomer to the game this is quite a bad issue and I’m pretty surprised it hasn’t been addressed considering how long the game has been out. Many other FPS games on console use the same button command for crouch/prone yet don’t seem to have an issue, please fix this!!

Update: After playing for a few hours this is actually an extremely game breaking bug/issue. This urgently needs fixing.

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So they acknowledged that they’re looking in to it on a post I made to Twitter.

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Legend dude, Cheers!!

YES! Sorry for reviving this old post, but this is really annoying, so I wanted to do more than adding a little heart. :slightly_smiling_face:

I noticed someone also posted about it recently: Going prone from crouch forces you to stand first (on console)

You could make it so that the game will first check whether the “crouch button” is being long-pressed or quick-pressed before triggering any action… Is that possible? If the player is “long-pressing” the button, they will prone, no matter the current position, even when already in prone position

That’s just an idea.

EDIT: Uh… I just read about reviving old posts being frowned upon. Hopefully this topic won’t get locked. In the meantime, I should probably read the rules and see whether such action is indeed forbidden. :sweat_smile:

As I posted on Discord, I think nurturing discussion on a single thread like this one is better because it reduces the risk of people creating duplicates.

Of course, if people would use the little “heart” (:heart:) symbol more liberally, I wouldn’t feel the need to bump the thread.

Suggestion: Maybe mods could reply to the OP’s post asking people to simply leave a “like”, especially if the thread is old…

Resurrecting old threads is fine if you can contribute and bring something new to the discussion.
However resurrecting old bug report threads doesn’t serve any purpose, so they get locked.

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