Console support non-existent + deadzones

A lot of issues and slow downs with base console (not sure how much can be done) but it’s nearly unplayable at Times, severely hurts the experience.

And for the love of all that is holy, if performance can’t be addressed at all PLEASE at least add an option to turn off aim assist and adjust dead zones, it’s literally Tokyo drift out there, it’s beyond horrible how little effort went into console, such a basic feature that any fps game should have, go look at back 4 blood for eg, I font use every feature, but god damn they are there.

Also the scoped sensitivity needs serious adjustments, it’s beyond unusable once a scope is attached, even maxed you can hardly move your scope with proportional aim on, (aim assist doesn’t help) with it off it’s a nightmare, quite upset that such a good development team have dropped the ball so hard on this one.

People have been requesting this crap since release, come on now, extremely disappointed.

Also, customizable deadzones (inner and outer) are sorely needed for the weapon wheel / radial menu. This affects both PC and consoles when using the gamepad.

I agree that aim assist is annoying but I have to disagree with the statement that xbox is low effort😐. I mean when reading xbox addressed chats and patch notes you have to say they are working on it and try they’re best based on feedback.

And for the problem with slow scopes…

Imagine someone using a scope (near your eye) and flicking the 50cal very heavy gun around like a piece of cardboard, aiming at everything that moves in milliseconds… :thinking: strange isn’t it?

But hey if the sensitivity is the issue with controllers justt plug a mouse in the Xbox. solution may sound dumb but if it works until it’s patched :man_shrugging:.

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One way of looking at the amount of entries in the patch notes that concern Xbox and PS is to say that they put a lot of work into this.

An other way of looking at it is that the amount of notes reflects that the effort before release is subpar, hence the need to fix the most game breaking bugs.

I think it is good that they do release fixes, but I’m not sure how fixes can be used as a measurement of “effort” put to one or another platform.

I guess I should have been more precise.

No I don’t mean that only fixes are a sort of measurement for effort.

I meant that they are responding to feedback that is bug related very open and frequently. They are what some devs arent: reliable, in touch with the community and when it comes to platforms actually trying to fix it and not just putting a bandaid fix on the actual problem. :+1:


And you have to keep in mind that it’s not just reading bugreports in the forum and immediatly trying to fix them…

There will be internal processes that have to be followed. And that takes time, too.

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This I know all about, from working as a engineer! :laughing:

I’m on PS4 so sadly can’t m/kB and as for your comment of “imagine flicking in milliseconds”
ITS A GAME! It has nothing to do with IRL logic, the standard has been set for how aiming should behave in fps games, this is not some attempt at the devs going for realism… It’s simply bad programming.

Higher zoom = higher sense by default, yeah totally realistic…

I’m simply raising the issue, it feels unresponsive and horrible to play with any scopes, aim assist is way over the top, and dead zones options severely need to be implemented.

I get there is a list of priorities and it’s a small active dev team… But it’s been years now…

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Yes, of course, if I didn’t missunderstood your sentence. To be realistic there has to be a higher sensitivity in higher zoom levels because it’s harder to focus a target which is further away than a target which is close.

With this option I agree with you.

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