Consoles DLC: Please read


You are only considering this situation is a very 2D way.

Once you factor in the reality of what was expected in a 3D world - you would have taken it better.


I don´t agree with everything he said, but there are some points where he is right:
The major bugs introduced on April should have been fixed a long time ago, there is no argument to be made about that and is the main reason of the discontent by the GZ players.
Delaying the DLC for consoles and then only for PS4 is not well received by those affected, but if the bugs had been fixed with a patch, i believe the Delay would have been easily accepted.
As long as the main game is okay, a DLC delay is just a small detail.


It’s a reductive argument, it feels like you’re thinking my advice worth less than yours. All advices are personnal and it’s a lot more developped than 2D or 3D.

So you should think about the reason why people might feel like this about the game and all the delay. Because this advice is real so it means the situation push people to think like that. It’s not good or bad, it’s personnal advice. This thread isn’t about defining who’s right or false, it’s about a message on how some mistakes should be corrected and how some players feel about the actual game management.


Thanks for the support, that’s exactly what I’m trying to explain!

If they just quickly fixed the major issues of April, delaying the dlc (and even the additionnal content of the update) would have been okay, I’d even wait 2021 for the DLC.

The real problem is that the main game is broken and it has been let down for months.


OK my man, you want a breakdown on why here we go.

It’s reductive because your already in a negative mind-set. No matter what happens your personal feelings towards the game cloud you from the reality of whats in front of you. If you take a step back - and look at this as I said from a 3D point of view - you’ll manage your expectations better.

You mentioned that you joined in September of 2019, which clocks 6 months behind release. Those that remember the early days will remember the struggles of basic game-play, missions, and progress through out the map being extremely testing at times. They knew they were in deep, and rectified often with monthly patches, and hot fixes - as they were at full strength.

Once Graham left, the foundations on what they build to form Avalanche, and GenZ was broken. It became extremely difficult to maintain not only the game, but community updates, bug fixes, and tracking online with collectables, and missions surfaced as another real issue.

Fashionista caused a lot of players to shut down, and it took nearly a year for it to be patched correctly. 1 year for one achievement to be fixed, which is totally unacceptable. The team was small - and their backs were against the wall weekly trying to just get it right.

Luckily, SystemicRXN came on board, and started to level things out. Bug fixes were being acknowledged weekly, the community grew in time, and “content” was finally being shared across social media to get it back on track. Alpine Unrest came, Schematics came, Apocalypse came, Experimentals came all above and beyond anything that we expected and had big plans for the FNIX Rising DLC.

But if your so dependent on your core team, and they are taken out of the build process then naturally - they will suffer. And they have, big time. It’s no co-incidence that the main man himself is having to address the community because they don’t like the way it’s gone either and had to do it himself. Now the problem is, that we now live in an instant society. I’m part of Generation X, that are considered the most well adapted to modern life as I lived without the internet. I lived in a world where you didn’t have everything at your fingertips and you had to wait.

They do not have the work force to deliver at the current pace, so you have to manage your expectations, and be patient.


This was pinned prior to console release.


This has been ongoing since the “August” confirmation


We’re different, it’s nice you know so much about what’s happening “behind the game” and I accept your advice. I don’t agree but you definitely have a good story with the game wich is nice and I hope it will keep going.

Me, I joined the game with friends 3 weeks after the release on PS4, my friends played it day one. We used to play together and it was really fun. Clearly one of the best coop games I played.

Lot of bugs, missions gone lost, characters going under the map… We’ve seen a lot of different bugs in GZ but we kept playing, confident that the game will be fixed. We’ve seen the game growing too, it was nice with some really good additions.

But since April we can’t play anymore. We tried ! Many times ! Facing tons of hunters and harvester. Because we loved this game. But it’s just became boring, the difficulty is so hard and the rewards not worthy. There are still a lot of bugs (flying hunters, disapearing corpses…) and it’s toxic for the game experience. We we’re waiting for the update to correct it. Then PC players got it. Now it’s Xbox players. And PS4 players still have no release date.

What is truly a problem, and I think it’s something that everybody can understand, is that when you buy something, it’s meaned to work or else there is a warranty and it will be replaced or repaired. It’s a bit old school maybe but I think it’s disrespectful to sell a game, then update it and taking so long to actually repaired the game that got broken by the update. If my team and me could simply play together back with the March or February update it would be okay. But we can’t, we’re forced to deal with the April updates and we are still waiting for it to be fixed.

I’m used to wait for new things, it’s not a problem. As I said, I could wait for the new content wayyyyy longer. The problem is that back in March I had a fun game and they broke it with the April update, they broke something I paid. And it’s still not repaired.

It’s like somebody broke your car and then make you wait months to pay the damages back. You paid for it, you used it but because of someone else it’s broken. If the breaker takes too long to pay back and always delay, you’d be angry. Same here.


I love your idea, it’s a fun bet !


About the wait, I even said that it would be okay for me if they totally/permanently delete the DLC to be able to just fix the basic game. I can wait for new contents or be happy without any, I just would like to get the actual game fixed.


Well, perhaps it’s not just me who thinks GZ product management is turning into a farce after all (or a tragedy more likely). I have a really hard time playing along with all the excuses about pandemic and whatnot. Programmers can, probably more that anyone else, work effectively from home, so … please! I agree with @DarkAngelLord95 that poor decisions were made and the DLC should never have been released before the game was made playable again. For all platforms. I have played the game less and less, and recently I’ve simply lost interest in GZ. And, as most people probably remember, I was very loyal and dedicated to GZ. It is a pity and very poor handling of the existing customer base. And I don’t easily give up on things I like. I’m still eagerly looking forward to the release of HalfLife 3!


It´s not just you, and you are right, poor decisions and a poor handling of the remaining customer base brought us here.
Most of the fans have lost interest or just moved on, that can even be seen in a small scale here, in the forum, there were a lot of people really interested in the game, where are they now?
Most users moved on, you are one of the few “social users” from before, they are all gone now.
It´s sad that many people remained with the game during the difficult times (March 2019 September 2019) when the game had crashes all the time, but moved on when it was beginning to get better, i guess 5 months without fixing a mistake they introduced was the last nail in the coffin.
So yes, it´s a tragedy, even if the game gets “right” (which i think it will) the hype is gone, most loyal users are gone, future DLCs are in risk of never happening, you don´t buy when you don´t trust the product right?
What if this happens again? (Introducing major bugs and don´t correcting them for months)
So i just hope i´m exaggerating and that we get to see future expansions on the next 12 months, i would love to witness that.

Half Life 3? Maybe in 2030 :sweat_smile:


The forums are far from a window into the genuine player base of generation zero. You can see from the healthier facilities of generation zeros community that there actually hasn’t been that big of a loss. Ie; Facebook, discord, my youtube channel.

In terms of player base, up until the last month things have been as usual, though over August we have seen some losses, its no different than its been this entire time since launch in terms of fluctuation.

People have left the forums due to threads like these, no one wants to continually debate their fandom for a game, let alone on a forum that is centered around said game. They have in no way left the game.

You can say as many hyperboles as you can type, and vehemently rant all you want, but it doesn’t mean you’re right.


Okay, folks, lets turn the heat down and remain civil when discussing about the game.

Ranting doesn’t give anything constructive to the discussion other than creating additional conflicts between members and maybe, make the ranter to feel a tiny bit better. But for sure, it doesn’t make the update to come any faster.



@tene, I really appreciate what you are doing, and I hope you are right about the general support and interest in the game “out there”. You know the community and what’s going on better that most, and quite frankly your YouTube channel kept me hanging on to the game longer than I otherwise would have done. But what I express is my opinions about and feelings for the game. And I believe that I’m not alone in these views. So we can call it ranting and censor it away, ending up with a group of docile posters that all agree that everything is dandy, or we can appreciate that people challenge GZ decisions and might have a point that should influence how the game is managed in the future.

Respect, buddy! I’ll get back to your channel if I resume playing GZ or starts another game you’re covering :+1:


Of course ian my dude, im not trying to “censor” an opinion, in regards to nay-say that is totally fine. What isn’t fine is ranting, posting paragraphs to try to demean devs, community members or anything of the sort. Be it business decisions, update and dlc decisions or what ever the case.

If you have something constructive say it, if you’re venting your hot air, get a goddamn diary or something.

On top of that debating peoples enjoyment of a game the entire forum is based on is foolish behavior in any community, and is equally not welcome, at least in my books.

But my main remark was on the falsely claimed fact that “the difficulty is why people left the forums” when that is the farthest thing from the truth.

I do have a much broader perspective on the community than the 10-20 people that frequent the forums, so i do know the condition of the community far better than anyone else. So if anyone thinks the community has suffered irregularly from everything that’s happened since april, rest assured its pretty much the same as usual for gz.
Sure it could be better, but things are far from dire.


For my own part I’ve never been after the Devs. On the contrary, actually, as I’m a dev myself and see things very much from their perspective. I can disagree with community members, but I try to be polite, respectful, and humourous about it. And that is definitely how it should be.

Regarding product management, however, that’s another story. Managers are there to make decisions, give the team credit for successes, and take the heat when things go wrong. That is their job, they are usually robust and resourceful persons, and - hopefully - they make a fair amount of money. Hence my criticism.

But I hear what you say, and perhaps I’m too harsh. I design medical equipment, and if that fails just the slightest, the Doctor calls our service department and returns the device. Fair enough. GZ is just a game, and nobody dies when it crashes :wink:

And if I had a diary I don’t think that GZ would even be mentioned in it :smile:

Good to know. Cheers :blush:


Case and point @Aesyle dont touch my comments on here


thats the stupiest thing i’ve heard. “imma edit this dudes comment because i don’t like it” omegalul


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