XBOX & PS4 DLC Warning



HI all,

I’ve read a concerning number of reports regarding mission tracking, and progression tracking while playing the FNIX Rising DLC on PC>

It’s all focused around the same issue of missions done in multiplayer. I’ve lost count on how many times since release that tracking has caused issues in mission tracking, collectables, weapon spawns - basically ANYTHING that is tracked in game.

Can I just make it absolutely crystal clear - to anyone who ( like me ) want’s to keep their map on point - DO NOT GO ONLINE TO COMPLETE MISSIONS


IF you are going to play with someone else - THE HOST MAP WILL TRACK PROGRESSION
the additional party members will not track the same progression and cause issues when in their own solo game.

It has been a feature I have requested for over 6 months - that ALL sessions - by default should be invite only. This is not a rant - or a dig at the game in anyway, shape, or form.

Prevention here, is better than solution. On a positive note, the introduction - and ending is now done for the next video. I’ll be going underground Monday to get a lot ready for the FNIX Rising DLC which I’m sure, will be here when it’s ready. I’m going to be floating across the usual channels - and will be there for livestream with Pontus next week.

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Be back soon.



Another thing that happened to me, playing on PC-Steam, I joined a friend’s game who has already finished the new DLC stuff and gotten all the achievements along with it. I had just barely started the new DLC and got a couple of the achievements. As soon as I joined his game up pop all of the achievements except three for me.

So if you want to shortcut the path to the achievements, join a game with someone who’s already completed them.


Same but different i play on console and me and my friend had himfall island he had already completed it so when i joined i got all the achievements which felt like cheating.


Since the devs have acknowledged this as an issue (saw it posted on Discord) I’m going to move this to #feedback-feature-requests and pin it, AND give it tags until it’s been addressed properly.

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