XBOX & PS4 DLC Warning

HI all,

I’ve read a concerning number of reports regarding mission tracking, and progression tracking while playing the FNIX Rising DLC on PC>

It’s all focused around the same issue of missions done in multiplayer. I’ve lost count on how many times since release that tracking has caused issues in mission tracking, collectables, weapon spawns - basically ANYTHING that is tracked in game.

Can I just make it absolutely crystal clear - to anyone who ( like me ) want’s to keep their map on point - DO NOT GO ONLINE TO COMPLETE MISSIONS


IF you are going to play with someone else - THE HOST MAP WILL TRACK PROGRESSION
the additional party members will not track the same progression and cause issues when in their own solo game.

It has been a feature I have requested for over 6 months - that ALL sessions - by default should be invite only. This is not a rant - or a dig at the game in anyway, shape, or form.

Prevention here, is better than solution. On a positive note, the introduction - and ending is now done for the next video. I’ll be going underground Monday to get a lot ready for the FNIX Rising DLC which I’m sure, will be here when it’s ready. I’m going to be floating across the usual channels - and will be there for livestream with Pontus next week.

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Be back soon.



Another thing that happened to me, playing on PC-Steam, I joined a friend’s game who has already finished the new DLC stuff and gotten all the achievements along with it. I had just barely started the new DLC and got a couple of the achievements. As soon as I joined his game up pop all of the achievements except three for me.

So if you want to shortcut the path to the achievements, join a game with someone who’s already completed them.

Same but different i play on console and me and my friend had himfall island he had already completed it so when i joined i got all the achievements which felt like cheating.

Since the devs have acknowledged this as an issue (saw it posted on Discord) I’m going to move this to #feedback-feature-requests and pin it, AND give it tags until it’s been addressed properly.

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PS4 players - please take note and read.

Wow, no hope in sight for us on PS, just one disappointment after another. I finnaly gave up playing last week, now after seeing this, it’ll be deleted later today. I’ll come back to it next year.

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I think by Middle/End October things might be okay again (AS THEY WERE between January and April).

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Why delete it? The PS update isn’t even out yet, might as well wait for it to release and try it out before deleting it.

It’s all across social media to be fair. Nothing but tantrums.

It will be way too risky to try the next PS4 update, Kier made the right decision !

There were tons of Xbox players waiting for the update. They tried it after it was finally released and there are tons of issues, even some issues that corrupt your saves: it means that you’ll have too start the whole game again, losing your weapons, levels and collectibles. I’ve seen lot of players complaining on Twitter and YouTube about corrupted saves because of the DLC!

I’m playing on PS4, I have like 200+ hours, all collectibles, all experimentals, even the Platinum achievement on PS (=all achievements done).
I deleted the game.
We still have no release date for the Fnix Update, but I already know I’ll wait for a second update after Fnix. I’ll try the game again after I’ll let other people try it first, to be sure I can SAFELY play it without losing all progression. Thanks to everyone that will try it on PS4 before me, I’m sorry if you lose anything guys, but at least you’ll show us if the update is safe, it’s nice !

The wait is way too long but I don’t want to lose everything so I’ll wait longer. To be sure I will not try the DLC too soon I already spent the prepaid money I saved for Fnix Rising in another game (Marvel’s Avengers) so I won’t be able to buy Fnix Rising before it got safely fixed.

Here is a little picture to explain how it can feel to play GZ now.

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Yup, buying the DLC and even playing it is very risky, i also have more than 100 hours, the game completed, all Halloween items and all weapons and attachments.


I can confirm this, I just started playing on Xbox, got the game a few months back decided to wait for the FNIX rising DLC, so far I have not been able to get past LVL 15. After around 10 - 15 hrs gameplay the game will start hard crashing on login forcing you to delete your save and start fresh. Hasnt been too big a deal for me since I dont have hundreds of hours put in on the game. But every time you play the game on your xbox your playing russian roulette with your save. I’m just learning the game, experimenting with all the mechanics, and trying to not take it too serious until a patch is released.

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So I must be one of the lucky ones.

Somehow, I’m still able to login - and get to Sweden without any issues. Past this point - there’s issues into double figures, so it’s by no means an easy time in general gameplay. ONCE the Xbox patch has been released and working AND the PS4 version is available ( and working ) I will re review the issues and post them here via he usual channel if they have not been addressed.

Needless to say, it’s been extremely bitter sweet DLC - and hope the next time I return for new DLC that the issues have been ironed out and may finally be able to play as a 4 online without perpetual issues. I hope for the future of both SystemicRXN, and Avalanche that these issues are all addressed before the release of Second Extinction.