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[Floating Objects] Since there isn't already a topic for floating objects

105 June 27, 2019
Map issues can go here

I would like to collect any map issues here. I’ll start with Lerberget in the Forest Region: it has 2 map markers (closely overlapping). Boo has two settlement markers, one of which has a very small mouse-over sensit…

17 December 2, 2019
[IMPORTANT!] Popular Bugs List

So this is me basically shamelessly copying @Carniv0re’s topic from Feedback&Feature Requests to keep it pinned here in the Bug Reports Forum so we can avoid new topics being created about issues that have already been a…

123 August 7, 2019
[Terrain Holes] Dump 'em here!

To make it nice and easy for both all users and the devs, please be kind and dump any and all Terrain Holes that you stumble upon in the world whilst exploring. Include A) Image of terrain hole B) Image of the map (Mo…

96 April 27, 2019
Known Issues [November Update]

General [PS4] Users playing without having a PSN account will not be able to save. (See workaround in reply below) [PC] Settings - If changing weapon swap mode to hold, the pistol slot cannot be accessed via keyboard S…

17 March 26, 2019
READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report

Hi! Thank you for giving your feedback and helping us make Generation Zero the best it can be. In order to get the information we need to fix reported bugs we ask for the following information: Platform: XB1, PS4 o…

29 October 15, 2018
[PC] Achievements are not unlocking for DLC 6 November 29, 2019
Fort Torsberga bug - can't access costal artillery bunker 3 December 2, 2019
Endless crashing, please help! 86 November 8, 2019
Weird audio problems with "normal" Runners 3 November 30, 2019
Tanks have more than two Mounted Weapons 9 December 7, 2019
Weapons stuck / not changing and incorrectly named 2 December 7, 2019
Skills Progress Frozen - Does not add any additional points 4 December 7, 2019
Flying Objects & Lost and Found Bugged [Workaround for Flying Objects] 20 November 29, 2019
Spiking the Guns - Door locked in Fort Torsberga 9 June 3, 2019
"Destroy Obect missions" getting stuck 2 December 7, 2019
Alpine Unrest trophies unlocking automatically 3 December 6, 2019
Duplicate attachment and Unable to reload (attach ammo to) Automatgevär 6 December 6, 2019
The NPCs sometimes talk with Walkie Talkie voice in the cellar 1 December 6, 2019
[Weird Terrain] Dump miscellaneous terrain issues you see here! 44 July 12, 2019
It's The Final Countdown trophy doesn't unlock 6 November 26, 2019
Map: Location name corruption "LOC:" 6 December 4, 2019
Rival destroyed without destroying it 9 December 5, 2019
Used deployables return after fast traveling 2 December 6, 2019
Alpine Unrest - For The Sick And Injured - Cannot speak to Anita 6 December 3, 2019
"Make Some Noise" quest bug 3 November 29, 2019
Minken bunker warboard glitch 3 December 4, 2019
Apo Hunter's flamethrowers have wired range 2 December 5, 2019
[PS4] Defend the Hotel - Unable to complete The Resistance mission (due to crashing) 8 December 5, 2019
Spoiler bug (DLC mission "The Hellmouth") FOA 4 Bunker 2 December 5, 2019