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Hi all! Here are some “known” issues you may encounter during the closed beta, there’s no need to submit these as bug reports. |Multiplayer Invites| There can be problems inviting friends to private games. Workaround: …

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Hi! Thank you for giving your feedback and helping us make Generation Zero the best it can be. In order to get the information we need to fix reported bugs we ask for the following information: Platform: XB1 or PC …

[PC]23 Collectables found in same room (8)
[PC] Fall Damage (2)
Rocket launcher using pistol ammo (1)
Web Account activation bug (3)
UHF Dark Zone Bug - Inside the Signal Room (5)
Bugs and screenshots (1)
I need help whit this problem everytime I start the game (2)
My Bug Reports (about 7 pages) (6)
Game crash on startup[PC] (2)
Sprint Bug On PC (1)
Mouse working in menu but not in-game ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ) (222)
Never even got to try the beta because of bugs (1)
Swedish K (SMG) reload animation (2)
Launching game with MS IME cuases instant crash (1)
Road to Salthamn bug (20)
XBOX Beta XP Glitch/bug (1)
[Mostly XBOX One X, Some PC Multiplayer] My Beta Bug Report (1)
Floting box in stair way (3)
Unlimited Loot and (basically) Unlimited Bullet Stacks (1)
Sometimes shotgun in church steeple wasnt collectible (1)
Column not reaching ground (1)
Shack Sunk into Ground so you cant get through doorway (1)
Supressor not visible on hosts gun (1)
Floating Boxes in shed near pier at start (1)
Disappearing Walls and Crates in Vesslan Bunker (1)
Various clipping issues in Salthamn (1)
[PC]Floating Supply/Loot Crate(s) (3)
Generation Zero Bug (1)