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[Floating Objects] Since there isn't already a topic for floating objects

185 June 27, 2019
[Terrain Holes] Dump 'em here!

To make it nice and easy for both all users and the devs, please be kind and dump any and all Terrain Holes that you stumble upon in the world whilst exploring. Include A) Image of terrain hole B) Image of the map (Mo…

169 April 27, 2019
Map issues can go here

I would like to collect any map issues here. I’ll start with Lerberget in the Forest Region: it has 2 map markers (closely overlapping). Boo has two settlement markers, one of which has a very small mouse-over sensit…

62 December 2, 2019
[Weird Terrain] Dump miscellaneous terrain issues you see here!

Since there’s a Terrain Hole and Floating Objects thread, I thought I’d make another collection thread where we can collect all terrain-related issues. Things like misaligned road textures, odd holes in the ground, water…

146 July 12, 2019
[IMPORTANT!] Popular Bugs List

So this is me basically shamelessly copying @Carniv0re’s topic from Feedback&Feature Requests to keep it pinned here in the Bug Reports Forum so we can avoid new topics being created about issues that have already been a…

178 August 7, 2019
Known Issues [June 2020 Update]

General Tier 4 of Off the Grid counts Harvesters incorrectly Truck despawns when player moves / teleports far away from it and does not respawn. Workaround is to restart the session. Machines not spawning at resistance…

23 March 26, 2019
READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report

Hi! Thank you for giving your feedback and helping us make Generation Zero the best it can be. In order to get the information we need to fix reported bugs we ask for the following information: Platform: XB1, PS4 o…

29 October 15, 2018
Intense light in Torsberga, South Coast region 124 April 29, 2020
Fashionista - 2020 48 April 13, 2020
Flares on screen dont dissapear 2 August 8, 2020
Gamebreaking sprinting bug (Unable to sprint) 49 March 31, 2020
Start up crash since 2 months 5 August 2, 2020
Machines teleporting into buildings 95 February 11, 2020
Disappearing Dead Robots-Flying Away? 57 February 1, 2020
Dead machines flying away (version 2) 7 August 6, 2020
Spoiler Bug (DLC Mission): Defend the hotel (Unable to complete "The Resistance") 35 November 29, 2019
Not being able to connect to my friends game(xbox) 3 August 6, 2020
Combat Perfectionist Challenge not Progressing 5 August 6, 2020
Steady lag spikes 4 July 31, 2020
KVM 59 Mag Extension dos not have the 3d model in inventory 3 August 6, 2020
Hunters can now get inside bunkers that they do not normally spawn in 3 August 4, 2020
Kpist Fire rate glitch 11 August 2, 2020
Difficulty scaling and endless waves 5 August 1, 2020
Weapons float in mid air after other player fasttravel 2 September 20, 2019
90% Gun Inventory Loss on Game Crash 5 July 31, 2020
How to improve GZ as a FPS - Problem 1- Mouse sens in Scopes 54 December 1, 2019
BUG: Musical emote instrument stuck on char when interrupted by leaving host 7 February 29, 2020
Meusser Hunting Rifle Inverse Bullet Drop 32 May 30, 2019
Major rendering problem 9 July 9, 2020
Missing map Icon and building in the PS4 version 3 July 31, 2020