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Floating trees and bushes
Floating Objects etc PC part 2 - 1/6/19 onward
[Weird Terrain] Dump miscellaneous terrain issues you see here!
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Lewitująca trawa
[Weird Terrain] Dump miscellaneous terrain issues you see here!
I found some problems !
Ängsnäs Manor floating trees
[Weird Terrain] Dump miscellaneous terrain issues you see here!
Floating Objects etc PC part 2 - 1/6/19 onward


floating bin -3879.214, 526.896


One of the rooms in Uttern Bunker


that one is still there? posted that one a month ago


It’s still like that for me as well. I’m sure the devs will get to these smaller issues with time :slight_smile:


Floating chair, Saltholmen Naval Base

Location (interior):


It’s not exactly floating, but… It’s misaligned alright.



Floating Tractor and pipe at Stenmyra.



A floating toolbox in Helgaryd Church.


A floating printer in Uttern Bunker.


Not quite sure if this counts as a floating “object”, but I’ve noticed whenever there’s a dip in the [dirt] road, it’s almost like there’s a layer of the ground that floats above the actual ground that you stand on. It only occurs when you’re crouching.

For example, the dirt road that starts at ~3940, 2300 has a dip right at the start (where it intersects the main road). This happens everywhere I’ve seen this kind of dip in the road (again, only while crouching). Of course it’s not a major problem but just a slight glitch.

2560x1080 is the resolution I’m playing at if that makes a difference. Mostly ultra/high settings.

EDIT: This is on PC


These benches (there are two that are both floating)


Floating leaves and rocks


[Dip in the Dirt] im wondering if this is a rendering issue, i saw your last post on this and am not sure still , ty heaps too for helping us in community, hopefully we find out and thanks heaps for feedback :smiley: :smiley:


Boat floating underwater:

Stone wall:


There’s a similar problem with one of the stone walls at the abandoned castle near the beginning area. I’ll post screenshots when I can.


How about some floating buildings? Here’s a tent and a crate north of Småbåtshamnen.


And an entire house that’s not quite touching the ground at Töfta Camping, just east of Hagaboda.



Bonus! Random floating water-walking Jesus-lamppost at the IGA Factory.



Stairs little bit to high: