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So this is me basically shamelessly copying @Carniv0re’s topic from Feedback&Feature Requests to keep it pinned here in the Bug Reports Forum so we can avoid new topics being created about issues that have already been acknowledged by the Dev’s and/or posted already.

Furthermore, from here on, all topics created concerning issues that are already on this list will be removed. I will be directing those users here via PM. The following issues are in no particular order.



  1. Path of the Gods; the notebook can’t be picked up which renders the mission unable to complete. It was reported just before the June Patch, so there wasn’t time to fix it. acknowledged

  2. A Wrench in the Works; Keycard can’t be picked up, and/or the scanner at the door won’t turn green. This may be due to the order in which items are picked up. acknowledged

  3. At Death’s Door; Killing the Machines inside the warehouse will not update the mission.

  4. To the Lighthouse; Killing the Machines around the house will not update the mission.

  5. Empty Spaces; Door remains unlocked despite having picked up the keycard from von Ulmer’s house. This seems like a rare issue but it’s worth posting.

  6. Law of the Land; Mission Marker remains after the mission has been completed, visible both on the map and ingame at any distance.

  7. Out Hiking; Mission Marker remains after the mission has been completed, visible both on the map and ingame at any distance.

  8. Unbearable Lightness; Radio can’t be used even if bunker power is turned on, preventing players from aquiring the mission.

  9. The Woodcutter; Key can’t be collected from the car, preventing the door to the barracks to be opened. It can be lockpicked, however.


  1. Disappearing ammo; ammo is either hidden or vanishes entirely. acknowledged

  2. Ammo attaches to other weapons. Hard to replicate because it happens at random, but it seems connected to the fact that one needs to attach ammo stacks to weapons.

  3. Throwables like grenades and flares stick to your hand when thrown. Also hard to replicate due to it happening at random.


  1. Empty toolboxes outside of starter island. acknowledged

  2. A few areas have loot that doesn’t respawn despite the respawn timer.

  3. Collectable weapon at Sävered Mast can’t be picked up.

  4. Collectable weapon in truck at Småbåtshamnen can’t be picked up.

  5. Players are unable to loot enemies in co-op sessions, just after a battle. Reported across all platforms. acknowledged

  6. Ammo pickup quantities in multiplayer varies dramatically. Reported on PC. Balance issue?


  1. Achievement and/or Trophy Fashionista can’t be completed. acknowledged

  2. Reload and movement sounds can disappear in Solo and MP, often during longer sessions.

  3. Floating bullet casings can be seen obstructing view after firing weapons.

  4. Firemode changes between reloads and ammo changes. This seems to be a constant issue. Semi-Automatic reverts to Full-auto, etc.

  5. Crash Report sometimes doesn’t appear after a game crash.

Collection threads

Terrain Holes - This thread is for terrain holes, aka tearing and disortions in terrain that you may find in the game world.

Misc Terrain Issues - This thread is for various odd terrain abnormalities like bumps in roads, holes in the ground, trees underwater, floating road textures, and such.

Floating Objects - What it says, props like furniture, vehicles, houses and world objects that are floating.

If you feel like I’ve left something important out, please comment with the link to a bug report for the problem you think should be added to the list. This thread is not a replacement for the bugreport forum, it’s just a way to keep track of the most prominent bugs.

Remember to keep your feedback constructive and friendly.

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Can’t loot enemies after large firefight:

No ammo in boxes in mp for clients:




A clear and very useful summary.


Updated, thanks guys :slight_smile:


Thanks for the list :+1:

the main thing I can think of not on the list that affects me is missions randomly disappearing and being unable to restart them.
I’m not talking about when they would go away from playing a multiplayer game Missions disappeared, can’t progress or from when they reset missions to try and fix the broken missions. Missions gone after June update I mean they just randomly go away for some other unknown reason. Missions Gone Again


Yeah, I was unsure about how to approach this one. It’s hopefully being fixed in the August patch.


I reported these two issues I am experiencing, but I received zero comments, so I am unsure as to how many other players may be dealing with them.


The only issue I’ve seen with the Woodcutter has been the key missing from the car, preventing you from opening the door to the barracks. That’s been something that others have reported before. I’ve added it to the list.

But these other issues might as well be multiplayer-related which doesn’t necessarily have to be glitches, if someone else finished your mission then progress carried over. They may still not work properly, but that’s what the Bug Reports forum is for. This thread’s only for what’s posted the most often, to avoid threads stacking on top of eachother.


I may have been unclear with how I presented the issues I am having. For “Woodcutter”, I was present in someone else’s game when they completed the Mission. I did not even have it in my own Side Mission Log, yet. When I went to gain the Mission, while I was in my own game, with no one else present, I was able to complete all of the Mission’s steps up until I needed to pick up the shotgun. The shotgun was not present in my game. No shotgun means I cannot complete the Mission or gain the Weapon pickup for that location. As for “The Hunter”, I was within my own game during my first few hours of experiencing Generation Zero, while no other players were present. When I went to grab the letter, it was not in the vehicle. No matter how many times I have gone back to that location, in my own game, the letter is never there. No letter means I cannot even gain the Mission.


@Xezr that’s not ’ shameless copying ’ it’s what i call getting the job done , your time and effort is appreciated , if i was in charge i would be looking at this forum and hire the human behind the name tag , Aye dedication and unpaid , your too modest pal , have a cheers :+1:


I get what you’re saying, and if this issue pops up again for other players it’ll be added to the list.