[IMPORTANT!] Popular Bugs List

This topic concerns bugs that are taking their time to be fixed. The idea is to keep it pinned here in the Bug Reports Forum so we can avoid new topics being created about issues that have already been acknowledged by the Dev’s and/or posted already.

The following issues are in no particular order.



  1. Throwables can vanish when thrown, and/or stick in the player’s hand. Bug Report for reference.


  1. Disembodied Machine sounds appear when you’ve killed Machines in one area, move away and then come back. Seems to be restricted to Tanks, Hunters and Seekers. acknowledged

  2. Falling through terrain. Seems to happen at random and pretty rarely, but requires game restart and/or fast travel to fix. May be happening due to a physics error with the engine. Bug Report for reference. acknowledged

  3. Floating effects such as sparks and fire, Seeker jet flames etc persist in the game world. Reported across all platforms. Bug Report for reference. acknowledged

  4. Machines can enter buildings when they’re out of direct line of sight. Bug Report for reference. acknowledged


  1. Floating bullet casings can be seen obstructing view after firing weapons. acknowledged

  2. Random ‘bursts’ of static noise, encountered during gameplay, like that from TV’s. acknowledged

  3. Crashing on PC still occasionally happens, perhaps related to combatting Machines.
    Bug Report thread acknowledged

Collection threads

Terrain Holes - This thread is for terrain holes, aka tearing and distortions in terrain that you may find in the game world.

Misc Terrain Issues - This thread is for various odd terrain abnormalities like bumps in roads, holes in the ground, trees underwater, floating road textures, and such.

Floating Objects - What it says, props like furniture, vehicles, houses and world objects that are floating.

Map Issues - Errors in geography, misnamed locations etc.

How to Make a Bug Report

If you feel like I’ve left something important out, please comment with the link to a bug report for the problem you think should be added to the list. This thread is not a replacement for the bugreport forum, it’s just a way to keep track of the most prominent bugs.

Remember to keep your feedback constructive and friendly.


Can’t loot enemies after large firefight:

No ammo in boxes in mp for clients:




A clear and very useful summary.


Updated, thanks guys :slight_smile:


Thanks for the list :+1:

the main thing I can think of not on the list that affects me is missions randomly disappearing and being unable to restart them.
I’m not talking about when they would go away from playing a multiplayer game Missions disappeared, can’t progress or from when they reset missions to try and fix the broken missions. Missions gone after June update I mean they just randomly go away for some other unknown reason. Missions Gone Again


Yeah, I was unsure about how to approach this one. It’s hopefully being fixed in the August patch.


The only issue I’ve seen with the Woodcutter has been the key missing from the car, preventing you from opening the door to the barracks. That’s been something that others have reported before. I’ve added it to the list.

But these other issues might as well be multiplayer-related which doesn’t necessarily have to be glitches, if someone else finished your mission then progress carried over. They may still not work properly, but that’s what the Bug Reports forum is for. This thread’s only for what’s posted the most often, to avoid threads stacking on top of eachother.


@Zesiir that’s not ’ shameless copying ’ it’s what i call getting the job done , your time and effort is appreciated , if i was in charge i would be looking at this forum and hire the human behind the name tag , Aye dedication and unpaid , your too modest pal , have a cheers :+1:


I get what you’re saying, and if this issue pops up again for other players it’ll be added to the list.

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I want to thank you for this list & for posting the link to it in other threads. I found it thanks to that & have bookmarked it as well. Again thank you for this!!!

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With Woodcutter, I found one door to the shack with the empty weapon chest that required a specific key (presumably the one in the nearby car), but another door that simply required lock picking. I was able to fulfill the mission by picking the pickable door and going from there.

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Updated the list, in comparison to the released August Patch Notes.

Issues marked with FIXED are pretty self-explanatory.

Issues marked with Needs confirmation, well… Need confirmation, that they’re still an issue. Several of these may have been ninja-patched, as often happens. So get out there and check it out!

If I’ve missed anything from the patch notes, let me know.

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probably should have waited to mark them as fixed until we see if the fixes actually does solve them as intended.

Probably, but I thought it better to mark down what’s been worked on, at least. The list will be updated accordingly.

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When was the last update? I just started the game yesterday and The path of gods is still bugged i can’t pick up the notebook i also can’t complete One can only hope even if i have found everything and also i’ve tried to pick up 2 guns and ammo i had dropped on the ground to make room when i picked them back up guns disappeared some ammo disappeared too and i am on xbox thank you

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Hello & welcome to the forum the update is tomorrow & the link below should help some. Glad you picked-up the game & hope you have as much fun with it as I am having.

It feels like the Woodcutter mission issue you’re experiencing is related to multiplayer like you mentioned, though I would’ve expected the mission to have reset with the patch. I haven’t gotten that far yet (fresh save and all) but if someone else can confirm this, that’d be great.

I can now also confirm that toolboxes are indeed fixed so, there’s that.

Unbearable lightness seems to work now yay =)