Won't let me Complete [A Wrench in the Works] (Xbox)


As I picked up the items to start it to be able to go in it won’t let me in even though I have the requirements but it instantly puts me to a red beeping sound

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Platform: Xbox

A wrench in the works

I get the exact same experience. Here are some more details and screenshots.


Door to Prototype Lab in “A wrench in the works” don’t open, even after you’ve searched the office.

Steps To Reproduce:
Grab everything in office, get next objective to enter Prototype Lab. Go to Prototype Lab door, and try to unlock. Lock flashes red, displays “Denied”, and does not open (see last screenshot).

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Host/Client (single player)

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Aorus X5 gaming laptop (i7-5700HQ, 32 G RAM, 2x GeForce GTX 965M).


Since you’ve posted it here now, I’ll remove the post you made in General Discussion. I’m at this mission myself ingame, so I’ll take a look and see if I can replicate the results.

Update; I grabbed the keycard, snusdosa and used the computer, and got in without problems :confused:
Try one of the other entrances, see if that works?


Other entrances? Which one are those, are they down in the east end of the military compound (inside the large building, and up the ramp by the containers)? They don’t work for me either…


Same issue, seems the keycard is not being registered on pick up in the mission details. under the mission items in the discription the computer and snusdosa are listed but not the keycard.
Is there a way to drop and retake missions?

PC, Asus X79, i7-3930K SB, 32 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 1080. Win 10 pro64.


Yeah I think it’s the same for me, the keycard simply is not registered as picked up.


I have three that wont clear or allow me to finish them, they have all be reported by other members…


I have four: This one (the only main mission), and 3 side missions: Treasure Hunt, Hazardous Contents and The Path of the Gods.


Apparently I think picking up the snus box before the keycard makes it possible for the keycard to disappear without being picked up and causing this quest to be uncompletable. I have the same problem.


That makes sense. I mean, not logically, but… It’s been an issue during other missions that it can be rendered incomplete if items are picked up in the wrong order. I’ve updated The List to include this.