Fashion freak - collect 200 different fashion items


The game is done - all missions are completed, all items are collected and almost all machines are killed.

There is only one task left - to collect 200 different fashion items. No indication in the game how many I already collected - no information how to get this one done. I would spend some time more on this game, but without to know if it is possible to get this one done or if this is just luck and random generated I don’t know if it is worth to spend the time.

To the developers - you created a very good game, but this is the worst part you did during the development.

Any tipp or strategy how to achieve this ?


Hello, this issue has been posted too many times to count for. It’s a surprisingly complicated issue that’s been acknowledged by the devs, but there hasn’t been enough time to prioritise it yet.

In the future, please do a search before you post. I’ve gathered the issue in a collection thread. As long as the issue is there, you can check the status on it.


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