Vanishing throwables


Platform: ps4
Players in game: only me ( I was host)
No videos / images
Steps to reproduce: throw a grenade, small emp, or radio.

So I was fighting a tank and threw a grenade which promptly disappeared and a few seconds later blew up in my face. I tried moving around when this happened again and it seems to follow me at a fixed distance. This happened with a small emp but it didn’t do any damage to me. Also happens with radios, they disappear and don’t make any sound. As far as I can tell this only happens on the first item in a stack, you throw it, the throwing animations plays and then the model disappears and then the item activates (with the exception to the radio) a few inches from your face. I’ve lost several fights like this. Really love the game, keep it up!

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That’s a very peculiar bug. A video would be extremely helpful! :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting this issue.


Actually, throwables sticking to you after you throw them has been seen a few times. It’s a peculiar bug indeed. It happened to Matt during the live stream 2 weeks back when he threw a flare but it stayed stuck to him. Sounds like the same thing happened with that grenade.


yes im on xbox and this happens to me too, unless im standing perfectly still (i think). I love grenades and they are life savers but that “glitch” (could just be a user error, never know) messes me up when fighting big enemies!


Same thing happens quite a bit to me in Xbox one.


Okay, can we talk about grenades?

  1. When you press the button for a grenade throw, it pulls the pin. But it also seems to release the handle, in spite of the fact that the animation clearly does not do so. So I pulled the pin in cover, moved out to release and throw and it blew up in my hand and killed me. Nice.

  2. Let’s not even talk about the inability to throw them through doorways, what with them always hitting the lintel and falling to your feet and, wait for it, killing you.

  3. The length of holding the left mouse button on any throw makes no difference to distance, is that right? In Half Life, if you press and release it drops 20 ft in front of you, hold it down and release and it goes 50 yards. Here, not, right? Any throwing item leaves your hand at the same velocity, is that right?

  4. Yesterday, I had the chance to get a hit on a hunter, and threw the grenade. It fell to the ground, five feet in front of my and killed me. I revived, re-medded up to 80-odd%, took out another grenade (slow learner, me) this time I pointed it up in the air, held the mouse button for a good second, released and the grenade fell to the ground five feet in front of me and, wait for it, killed me. Whose side are the bloody things on?

This must be a glitch mustn’t it - should I report it as such? Anyone else having trouble.

PS, I have yet to kill a machine of any sort with a grenade - they have killed me four times.


Looks like handgrenades behave the same as they do in Halflife, though. You can cook them before throwing, which kinda makes no sense since you don’t release the handle but… Whatever. Halflife 2 does it right though; you select the grenade, pull the pin and now it’s hot and ready to throw. Deselect it and the pin goes back in. It’s a minor gameplay thing, but I wouldn’t mind if we could use grenades without cooking them.

Throwing is just a matter of skill. Myself, I suck at throwing things. Don’t go near me when I’m chucking grenades :smile:

There are skills you can invest in that lets you toss 'nades farther and more accurate.

In Halflife, you could toss grenades several hundred meters if you bunnyhopped into a throw :smile:
I’ve killed enemies with grenades, but generally just getting lucky when they’re all tightly packed together, like Runners and sometimes Hunters in enclosed spaces. Though if you can’t seem to throw them at all, that sounds like a bug for the Bug Report forum.


Okay, I’ll report it.

But the time I tried hold it with the pin out, it went off in my hand after three seconds, so not like Half-Life 2 (which is what I play - never did the Original - I got into it from Blue Shift, which was fab).

Any other grenade issues or tips that I’m not aware of, anyone?


Sorry for the bump or the shameless necro of this post.

But… the handgrenade bug is still present ingame (November update).
I have a ton of grenades in stash waiting to be used.

It would be really, really great if this bug was fixed.
No more grenades sticking to hands please. And their timer only starting once you throw them.


Oh, I use them - it’s better than it used to be and the funny thing happens only once in every ten, so they are useful. I always carry 15.


I can’t help but wondering if the people having this issue are using some kind of different control scheme than me, because by now I’ve clocked almost 700 hours into GZ and I’m positive I’ve never had the sticky grenade thing. Or is it some kind of mouse issue? Windows sticky keys? It’s a mystery :thinking:


Dunno - I’m starting to use the Windows Game bar thing, so I should be able to record “last 30 seconds” and may be able to show it, if I remember and am not too busy finding alternative fighting methods in a hurry!


It Happens on PS4 too, it´s strange indeed, i used like 30 grenades in the past 3 days and none had the bug, but some days earlier i used less and it happened 2 times, it`s strange, maybe it has to do to which key button the grenade is set?


I’m on PS4 with controllers. Everything default.

Still it happens way too often. Tried it in a safehouse with 10 grenades.
4 of them blew me up instead of being thrown.
Tried it by throwing them “carefully” and just selecting them and chucking them out with reckless abandon… The results were still the same.


It’s weird, and it’s happening. No denying that. I wonder if it can be reproduced somehow.


Ps4 i think since game lauch i have encountered every bug , most have been fixed , some have evolved into intermittent every now and then bugs this grenade bug for me is like that it comes and goes .With Bugs and all its still top of me list to play :+1:


I have not experienced the molasses covered, stick to your palm grenade bug yet. But I do seem to have issues with throwing accuracy. Rarely do they land where I intend them to, but maybe that’s just my lack of throwing skill coming through. Even still, throwing a grenade just doesn’t feel very good in GZ, if that makes any sense.


There’s a throw accuracy perk that you buy, and two levels of it, so they’re not going to just give it away. It’s not bad though, as it stands - provided they throw when you do…


Extremely sorry for a shameless Necro-bump.
(that sounds really nasty >.<’ )

However… while it seemed “fixed” before April 2020 patch hit, as of now, after the update, the grenades happily decide to explode the player again, instead being thrown. :fearful:


Don’t worry about bumping a topic if it adds something valid to the discussion. Would it be possible for you to provide a video of this happening?