Missions Gone Again

Platform: PC

Description: Missions dissapeared from log AGAIN. Picked up a side mission and when I went to look at it in my log noticed it was the only one, not sure what all was lost but I know I had Path of the Gods because that one was bugged and I cant finish it. The Path of the Gods unplayable

Steps To Reproduce: I don’t know what did it this time. I lost them before when I joined a multiplayer game Missions disappeared, can’t progress
Lost them again after the June Update Missions gone after June update
This time I don’t know how or when it happened

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: host

Players in your game: just me

save file made after June update
CPU Intel Core i7-9700k
Winows 10
64 bit

I think they are “hidden” and unable to be completed or advanced, but not actually gone, I still have the marker in the room with the journal for Path of the Gods.
When this happened before it still showed the locations for the missions on the map but going to them and completing the objective did not let me progress the mission and eventually I just had a bunch of markers on my screen i could see on the other side of the map that would never go away.

I love this game but am getting tired of having to start over to complete it. I created a backup a few days ago but I don’t even really want to have to go back to that one. I feel like I am constantly going backwards in this game.

just tested multiplayer, loaded up the bugged save with the missing missions and joined a multiplayer after picking up a side mission, when i came back to my solo game it was still there so it’s not a multiplayer issue.

during the stream he said i should just have to go back to where I picked up the mission but again it doesn’t help. I also think he thought i was referring to my missions being gone from the update but this is them being gone again after restarting because of the update.
I don’t want to restart a fourth time yet so i am taking a break from playing in hopes that the July update will either fix this or finally stop them from going away again. How many times do I have to redo the start of this game?

seen it somewhere that waiting four hours like with the loot will help quests reset, left game going for about 8 hours. boxes in the area to start mission were reset but still couldn’t restart it.

One time I had this happen, on one of the early missions, I couldn’t finish it so i went back along the path to each place you find something, luckily it wasn’t a complex mission, and the marker for the first (supposedly) clue was there but the item to pick up wasn’t. When a friend joined my game we went there and the item was there for him to pick up but not for me. When he picked it up, the mission completed for both of us.

Not sure if that will help you, but maybe get someone to join you and see if they can pick up the item?