Missions disappeared, can’t progress

I can see my map icons. But my open missions disappeared and I only see completed ones. This happened after joining a multiplayer game

I’ve been complaining about that for a while now myself. So far no fix.
I made a new save file, saved a copy of the old one, and started over. When I picked up the mission for getting the gun in the church i tested it again by joining a multiplayer game and lost the mission from my log in solo and was unable to pick it back up. I can only pick back up bunker missions.
I keep being told that it doesn’t matter as it is only side missions but I am missing out on xp and story so it does matter to me

Exactly. I want that extra xp and the story told in this side missions. Of course you would miss stuff by not doing them. I really want to play further but won’t missing stuff. And just playing all over again when it is fixed? I don’t know. This game isn’t finished in 8 hours so it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. This game is huge for a startover.

Me my problem is for the mission" the bunker utter" the enemy gives me no access card… And I can not validate it…
Sorry for my french I am french

Your English is better than most Americans. Sorry for MY English, I’m American.

Platform: PC

Description: Whenever I try to join a multiplayer game, missions that I have in my solo game are gone when I return to it

Steps To Reproduce: I posted a video on Discord of how it happens. I check my log showing the missions I have open. I exit to the main menu and go to join a multiplayer game. once in the multiplayer game I check my log and see the available missions from the host. I exit to the main menu and continue my solo game. I check my log and all but two of my available missions are gone. I am standing at the location where At Death’s Door was picked up but I can not use the radio again to regain the mission.

Images / Videos: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/560045073346199563/569507746894839809/GZmissionBug_Medium.mp4

Host or Client: started solo game, joined a multiplayer game, then returned to solo game

Players in your game: just me in solo and ? in multiplayer

Specifications:CPU Intel Core i7-9700k
Winows 10
64 bit

I noticed that before the update strength in numbers went away. I didn’t think it was a problem because it was a bugged quest but after the update I realized I could not pick it up on my game. I was able to pick it up on a game someone else hosted but of course completing it didn’t save over for me.

I thought the issue was that the save was created before the update but I made a new save after the update and played up to picking up the Old Bettan mission. I switched to multiplayer and when I went back to solo the Mission was gone and I could not interact with the note to pick it back up.

Also, I think this is why I cannot access the utten bunker. Bunker missions are the only missions that I can get back. I lost the Utten bunker mission after getting the codes and when I regained it, getting the codes was checked like I have them and I cannot get new codes or go inside the bunker

I started to play this game with a friend of mine from the beginning. We always play together but from time to time, mission progress is not saved for both of us. When we start, we always check for the notice first, if progress is only saved for host. No notice. We play together and then, after playing, we restart in single player and check progress. From time to time, mission progress is lost for one of us. It’s so annoying. Sometimes, my friend is host, sometimes I host. Depends on the fact, if we play a mission a second time, to sync our characters in mission progress. But as you can imagine, Its not the funniest gameplay, to play mission a second time… We play on Windows 10.

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Same sort of problem, (play with a mate, he hosts) now going over missing missions solo to complete. Have found in log cannot access the ‘road rage’ and ‘strength in numbers’ on ‘Archipelago Region’ as radio messages do not work.

Other missions we had teamed, like ‘the hunter (for gun)’ and ‘shooting practice (for gun)’ I just need to activate the start of the mission to complete it.

Just played together again. Friend hosted. We both found notice for “supply run”. Walked to Klinte, killed all the robots. Mission finished. I activated safe house in church, quitted game, started in solo, mission “supply run” gone… I have the feeling, that I do not progress with my friend anymore…

Update to my 2 previous posts: Played again today, this time I was the host. We found 3 side missions. We completed 2 of them. When we quit game and go back to single player, I had the progress, my friend lost all progress like he never found the missions. (and yes, he picked them up when we played together).
It’s so annoying. At the moment, it does not make any sense to continue playing together, because we don’t progress together. Client always loses progress!
Host or Client:
Client loses…
Players in your game:
Me and my friend = 2
Intel Core i7-7700K
GeForce GTX 1080Ti

Happens to me and my girlfriend to. We just decide to let her always be host when we play so we run by her missionlog. If I log in solo I will not have those missions we picked up even if we both picked them up for the first time together.
So, letting her be host always we at least get to play trough all missions together and get XP from them.

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My understanding is that all the missions are only stored on the host system

today’s update seems to have fixed it for me
incomplete missions that I picked up in solo no longer disappear I return from a multiplayer game.
still will make a backup before multiplayer sessions to be safe

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This has happened to me on Xbox one, both before the latest patch and then again worse since the most recent patch. After the first big update I lost a bunch of missions that I had open, and then since the most recent one more missions have gone missing, and all the relay beacons I’ve destroyed since the starter islands have respawned (the ones on the starter islands are still gone).

I do play with a friend who is quite far behind me in terms of missions. Whenever we play he hosts. It feels like whilst my unlocks in terms of safe houses etc remain, for missions and beacons I’m being stuck with his progress after we play gother back in my game.

Same happened here on Xbox One S. I was only about a bit over a quarter of the way through the game or so, lost 8 or so active missions. If you keep playing new areas though you unlock more. So I guess it’s not so bad if you’re not close to being done. But there’s nothing you can do to get them back aside from restarting the whole game. They seriously just need to forget fixing mission bugs for this next update and just make a missions restart option which resets the progress of any mission you chose, and then they work on fixing the bugs afterwards, cause as it stands there are WAY too many bugged out missions. Some have been getting complained about since launch and no fixes still. At least if you could restart the mission and it reset all machines and pickup props they may work fine afterwards. Minken bunker mission was one I had that left me basically stuck as I couldn’t unlock the war board missions.

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Same here. Had “One Can only hope” in my log, then I played with a friend for the first time yesterday and he hosted. When I got back to my solo play today, the mission was gone and the letter which starts the mission at Iboholmen castle is not where I picked it up the first time so there is no way for me to get the mission again. Very big fuckup on the developers’ part and in part game breaking. How is it fair that some people will get that extra amount of XP and immersive story fluff whilst others are not? This is really bad and needs to be patched asap.

This is still a thing. I lost all my missions and have no idea what to do…

happened a few times for me but now I seem to be able to restart the missions that disappeared by going back to where I originally picked them up.