No Ammo in Multiplayer

Platform: PC

Description: In multiplayer I’m almost unable to find ammo for my weapons. I’ve been without the extra ammo perk, I’ve had rank 1 and rank 2 of this perk, but it hasn’t effected it except in one scenario. I still find .32 HP rounds in boxes and that is effected by the perk. I can still find shotgun shells and .243 rounds but they don’t appear to be effected by the perk. Whenever I start getting low on ammo for my AR or SMG I will find ammo for them until I have about a full stack, and then I will stop finding ammo again. They appear to be effected by the perk. Otherwise, I can’t find random ammo in loot boxes, on soldiers, or anything like that. Bots still drop their ammo as normal but they are not effected by the perk, so this is unfortunate. I’ve seen this bug reported several times already with no fix. I’ve verified my game files and DELETED my characters and uninstalled my game and reinstalled. Single player is fine, multiplayer is all that’s effected. All I can find in these games are medkits, bobby pins, binoculars, flashlights, and tons (like, tons) of clothes. I love this game, really want to enjoy it with my friends! Please help quick! (Observed on 5/15-5/17)

Steps to Reproduce: Join a multiplayer game, check soldier corpses and ammo boxes (other than those placed with set loot) After you get a full stack or so of ammo, you stop finding ammo.

Images/Videos: Haven’t bothered to take any, the boxes are all empty so that’s all you’ll see, nothing.

Host or Client: Client. I haven’t hosted for my friends since this happened in order to prevent bugging them (if possible) but I know when I hosted before at game release there was no issue.

Players in your Game: Total 2 or 3, haven’t tried four yet at this time.

Specifications: Windows 10 64 Bit operating system, AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight-Core Processor 3.20 GHz, 16.0 GB RAM, ASUS ROG GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. (Don’t recall what motherboard I have but I don’t think it’ll be the issue. I can figure it out if you really need it.)


PS4 PRO : V1.04 : PSN Download : Client : Steps to reproduce = Join a Host and go spelunker no ammo in lootable containers only enemies have ammo also this is intermittent and can be working okay after restarting game from home screen sometimes , also Revive’s solo or client have stopped dropping as they were ok when patch resolved issue , now they are rare as rocking horse droppings . Devs :+1:

This is more prevalent on the starter islands and the southern part of the main island. In those sections, the only thing a guest sees regularly in loot boxes and dead machines is .32 ACP hollowpoint and birdshot. The host is seeing all kinds of variety of ammo in generous quantities (for that region), but guests get next to nothing.

As you progress further towards the more northern parts of the map, this becomes slightly less of an issue, the disparity between what the host and guests receive is still wide, but guests are then seeing a wider variety of ammo types. However, quantities are still sparse. The host may regularly be getting 40+ rounds of ammo of a type, where as guests will get 8 rounds - that’s with the extra ammo perk enabled.

Last night, my friend and I were killing FNIX tanks, harvesters and hunters north of the airfield. The host is getting tons of rockets (he had 40 in inventory at logoff despite using them like crazy on the machines), special weapons and attachment, as well as tons of .50 BMG from the tanks and some hunters. From the same machines, I was getting 1 smoke round and 2 founds of .50 FMJ. This definitely isn’t right, because I know when I’m playing solo, I’m getting the large loot drops as well.

I killed 2 tanks outside Minken Bunker solo before joining my friend’s game, and got generous amounts of both rockets and .50. We logged into his game, both started at Minken, and also encountered 2 tanks. He got tons of loot, whereas I got the aforementioned next to nothing.

Since this has been this way from launch, typically I’ll play my own game solo to restock ammo. It’s the only way I can play in my friend’s game at all, or else I’d run out of ammo.

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One important thing is to match your weapons with the weapons that the hosts has. Doing this will prevent a lot of ammo drop issues. Dont ask me why/how, but it works.

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Host and I started playing our current game (2nd run though) about a week ago and had identical loadouts - AG4, Moller PP, .270 rifle, and pump shotgun. It made no perceivable difference for me as a guest as to what ammo I was seeing in drops. I was still only seeing the same birdshot / .32 ACP on the starter islands that I had in our previous playthrough, with most loot containers being bugged and empty.

2 days ago, we killed some big guys and got gold weapon drops. Now we rock totally different loadouts. He’s got pump shotgun, Klauke, AG4 and rockets, I have PP, AG5, AI76 and rockets. I’m seeing a fairly generous drop in 5.56 FMJ. We both have the .50. He sees adequate quantities of that ammo when we kill tanks and the FNIX hunters with the machine guns. I typically find those to be empty or drop 2-8 rounds for me at most.

So all that to say that I haven’t seen the correlation between running the same loadout as the host. Loot drops were just as badly bugged.

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wanted to add something to the point being made too here, what is in your inventory also affects your loot. with that said i have noticed i will get more ammo for a weapon if i have that weapon in my inventory.
proof ? , drop your binoculars and you will find that 80% of all loot chests will now have binoculars .

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Have you tried all normal steps first, brothers/sisters?
-Restart game
-Restart PC
-New Save File (back old one up)
-Reinstall game

If not, please try these steps, and let us know the result.
Thank you

I have tried exiting and rejoining, using different characters, I have deleted characters and uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Nothing. I’m now finding more ammo in multiplayer like some people said how when you get further you find more, but still not the levels I should be finding. Also having more connectivity issues now. Can’t loot (opens menu to loot and immediately closes) and randomly dropping from games. I believe the loot issue is a glitch with multiple wrecks nearby (happens more frequently with multiple dead tanks/harvesters) but the dropping from games is entirely random. Maybe in hourly or half hourly intervals almost, but not clockwork.

Thank you.
Did you begin a new save, and if that not works, a new installation of the game?

I can tell you that myself and my friends have all verified and reinstalled since launch to try to see if this fixed this particular problem. We’ve also since played through the game once, deleted our saves and started fresh. The problem still persists.

Maybe this issue is something to bring up at the upcoming Q&A stream?
There are quite a few mentions/topics/posts of this bug/problem but so far no response from the dev team about it.

I can’t join the stream but I think it’s the best way to give the issue some attention. It results in our team not being able to play co-op anymore. One of the most important things in this game imho.

Agreed. I haven’t seen dev acknowledgement in any of the threads concerning this so far. If someone could bring it up during the live stream, that would be awesome. I’d do it myself, but it happens during the middle of my work day, so I can’t actually watch it live.

I’ve already attempted these and I’m not doing it again, I’ve gotten so far with my characters, story and weapons. The game is virtually unplayable for multiplayer now, too. Within 20 minutes of joining a friends game, I am unable to loot, get booted out in the middle of combat and lose any XP, have to run all the way back to a location. I want to love this game, but it’s just horrible at this point. My buddy and I have been playing for hours each night and it’s just become worse and worse. We just can’t play.

My friend, I did not ask to do this again, only if you tried it. :slight_smile:

Most unfortunate bug. :frowning:

Me and my friends are putting the game on paus until this is fixed. As Client it is Increadibly annoying to open box after box and finding nothing. Boxes with mines and grenades are ok. But ordinary ammo for us is empty 80% of times. And when there is ammo just a handfull of rounds. For me this is the most important bug that needs to be fixed after game slowing down/lag.


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I have the exact same issue when I join a friends session and my friend has the same issue if he joins my session. We have different hardware compared to eachother and to you so its unlikely to be hardware issues.
The most annoying thing is that I cant use AG5 unless I stack up in solo since most of the 5.56 drops from boxes and bodies.

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It’s annoying to have to go solo for a scavenging hunt before playing multiplayer.

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We have the same issue so me and the wife have this on pause until fixed. (thank good for Gloomhaven so we have something to do :slight_smile: )
We have tried all the things suggested but nothing works.
Has this been acknowledged by the developers, can’t remember if I have seen that flag on any if the reports of this issue.


I have noticed this ammo scavenging problem in multiplayer game. Joined friends game, i keep finding ample amount of ammo (no scavenge skill taken).
My friend has this skill in 100% and he has problems to keep up with ammo on his primary and secondary weapon. Or finds lots of wrong ammo type.

So far mostly this seems to affect loot containers, not so much robot loot.

Example i have Klauke 17 as side arm, i keep finding excessive amount of 9mm FMI ammo on loot boxes when playing with friend. Its always 30-40 bullets per loot box. My friend seems to get normal loot amount, when he should be getting more than me with the scavenge skills at 100%.

Anyone tried different ways, like none of they players have scavenge skill.
Host has, client no
Client has, host no.
Does this affect the loot find?

Joined my other character to friends game what has 100% scavenge skill. First it didnt seem to do anything. Changed back to my other character which dont have it. And 10-20min after that friends loot skill started to work again.

I find 10-20 7.52 ammo from robots, and he get double or triple amounts.

This skill with and/or multiplayer has very incoherent function.

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Is this issue fixed on all platforms now?
Haven’t played since july but we are planning to delete our saves and start over. But not if this is still an issue.

I’m on PS4.