[Weird Terrain] Dump miscellaneous terrain issues you see here!


Since there’s a Terrain Hole and Floating Objects thread, I thought I’d make another collection thread where we can collect all terrain-related issues. Things like misaligned road textures, odd holes in the ground, water in odd places, underwater trees etc. I’ll post here as I find more stuff.

Like before, include:
A) Image of terrain issue
B) Image of the map (Mouse over your character icon so that we have exact coordinates)

East of Stenmyra, trees in the water


Extra terrain at broskulls farm
[IMPORTANT!] Popular Bugs List

Oh I made a short post in the floating objects thread about some textures being above the ground when you crouch near a dip in the road. I’ll see if I can get a screenshot of it when I wake up.


i may have posted this in a Terrain Hole thread but fits here



Alright here are two locations I found the floating texture thingy; both appear to be the south-west side of the path that is floating.



Near Church (already crouching):


Not sure if this counts as “weird terrain” but it’s certainly a weird terrain bug.

Basically if you get your bike, ride off of the path and try to ride back onto the path here (on either side, basically anywhere throughout the length of the path to the main road), the bike will freak out; either launching you up or even off of the bike, making it near impossible to get back onto this path unless you go all the way around.

This line where the bike freaks out is approximately where the line of pebbles are.


So some of the leaves here are floating, and the terrain is super weird and buggy. The line you see in the picture makes the player glitch out while walking on it, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a way to glitch yourself under the terrain using this.

Can’t guarantee the coordinates on this map are accurate… D:


Someone else reported this elsewhere, but I couldn’t find it. The lower bridge to Östervik is severely glitched out. Previously it was reported that the bridge had a hole in it that one could fall through. I investigated this and found that the bridge actually has four holes, two on each side, next to eachother. One of the holes actually got me stuck in the middle of a firefight, and got me killed!

Bridge holes:


Update: There’s a tiny gap connecting the bridge props. The holes are on the sidewalks.

It’s more visible underneath.


Stick to the topic, people. Posts with geometry and misaligned props are not terrain issues and will be removed. I’ve edited down posts that were off-topic as they clutter the thread.


Hey guys moved post to here

Went inside farm house at broskulla farm and found terrain is coming through floor of house. Have attached pics.
Xbox/single player/hosting.




A strange road bump in Klinte that doesn’t look natural, what with the rain puddle kinda sticking to it.



Another one found in the woods north west of garphammer

Single player on xbox one x


This is a Terrain Hole. Please post it in the appropriate thread, linked above. Thanks!


Sorry theres that many threads on here dont know where to put them. Thanks for putting links thoe really helps!






There are severe terrain clipping issues right outside Hemmanskogens Logging Camp safehouse.