Map issues can go here


I would like to collect any map issues here.

I’ll start with Lerberget in the Forest Region: it has 2 map markers (closely overlapping).

Boo has two settlement markers, one of which has a very small mouse-over sensitive area.

Part of the Mockfjärdsjön lake missing on the map:

[IMPORTANT!] Popular Bugs List
Are bikes only at safehouses?
[IMPORTANT!] Popular Bugs List
Nevermind items, machines, or vehicles. You need to fix the map!

I regularly have minor issues with the map UI, but this was a new one earlier.

(I really hope it’s self-explanatory) :wink:


You’ve looted all the muesli bars, haven’t you.


Get lost much, do you?


Beredskapsförad up north is called “LOC:” and map marker missing:

Farudden Radar Mast is called “LOC:” and map marker missing:


The water table for the world map is a little out. Here’s land I wanted to cross on the map:

And here’s what you see when you’re really there:


Uhm… see above? :slight_smile:


Ah, right. I tried to see if it was already done, but it was hard to know what to search for. Sorry.


Sure, the thread gets slowly longer. I am curious what I have missed so far.

Garphammar has 2 map icons, one without collectable

Some of these later weapon/ammo storage huts/closets are not on the map, while the earlier ones mostly are.


Want me to include this thread on my List :tm: ?


I think that makes sense. Make it a sticky too, if that is ok.

There are probably a couple more findings out there. :wink:

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I’m confused about the current state of the Skogshult map bug. After searching this forum, it’s been mislabeled and even spent time as Sandbo. I’m lost. But there’s a mission there as well, and I can’t tell if the mission item is in the wrong place or quite what.

For clarity, Skogshult is here (the coords are correct) -2025, 1765

The mission it offers is “Hogging Supplies” and starts in a house at -287, 1507, which doesn’t keep a name on the map.

The mission finishes just North of where it starts, so you can complete the Skogshult mission before ever getting there.

I’m thinking the start item is in the wrong house.


So you basically picked up the mission where you stand there on the map and the counter at Skogshult went up?


That’s correct. We were at Skogshult proper the previous week looking everywhere for the mission, and it’s not there. It’s at that unnamed little farm.


I’ll probably make a new character soon. I’ll take a look then, as well.


I have two safe house locations for Yttervik (starting point). One spawns you on the shore, the other in the actual safe house.

Lennart’s Marin safe house icon missing from map (not compass) after Nov update

The hud says Lilla Hagbo while the map says Stora Hagbo; the tool tip on the map does not say anything about the weapon that is supposed to be here

The hud says this is Stora Hagbo, it doesn’t have a map marker

Kalleby has 2 map markers, only one mentions the mission

Klinte has 2 map markers, only one mentions the missions etc.

Two Issues With Todays Update & DLC (November 2019)

Surprisingly the only map problems I’ve ever had is falling infinitely.


When you get further into the game and travel more you’ll notice all sorts of oddities. It’s not install-specific.