Map issues can go here

I know, it rarely happens but it’s present sometimes. Just restart. No biggie.

That is a terrain issue. This thread is for map issues (issues of the map view or location names etc.).

Got ya, my misunderstanding. I thought it meant the entirety of the subject of everything in relations to the geography/map, my apologies.

I don’t think it’s a bug. Instead, in real life, not all military installations are marked on public maps for security reasons. And to me, that’s what this also represents in game.

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I agree with @Aesyle here. Military installations often keep secrets hidden for a reason. Plus evidence has proven before that some locations are not registered on the map after discovery. Perfect example is new DLC has an Easter egg of a hidden church base under the lighthouse. So I believe this applies in relevance. Perhaps they may have updates or other content added that further this theory of why it’s not a major focus. We do know however that the storyline contains many secrets as well as the overall gameplay contains Easter eggs that are unmarked unless discovered in odd places like the Delorean at a random farm. I haven’t had many issues with places registering but I have been quite fortunate on the game running smoothly other than missions bugging out but I usually get around them and it registers nonetheless. That’s actually a good point though @pegnose, thanks for bringing that to attention.

You could see it that way. I only found those locations to be present in earlier regions very consistently. So I thought it was either a (misguided, in my eyes) difficulty manipulation of the game (later regions are not holding your hands that much), or a mere oversight while rushing to finish the map populating it with stuff.

I’d like to see it as a bug or something that should not be the way it is.

Just to make this point very clear: Basically every building is visible on the map (the DLC map just looks a little “sloppy” in the way the buildings are drawn). You could explain some of those storage buildings missing if they are (and look) particularly new, or if they are hidden by other parts of the landscape. But neither is the case.

Again this talk. You are not a mod or a dev or associated with Avalanche in any way. On behalf of whom are you thanking? You come across real strange.

In this game, buildings that are on the surface, are shown on the map. At least in the base game. Underground compounds or secret objects in other buildings add nothing of value to this point of discussion.

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@pegnose I was thanking you for pointing out your theory as well as the fact that I am keeping it in mind.

PS: I am not a dev or mod and I am aware of this. No need to point it out every time when I am simply trying to help others out. If it’s pointless to comment on the forums then why am I even here? Let me do me and you do you and enjoy the forums because I’m not here to start any trouble mate. I seriously don’t understand what personal grudge you have against me but give me an honest chance. That is the end of this discussion.

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There is no grudge and nothing personal. I don’t know you personally. And I don’t care to. The reason why I said what I said, and would do it again, is what you are posting and how you are posting it. That is what I care about.

I am trying to understand the game and it’s mechanics like others here who are speaking of potential issues on the map hence the name “Map issues can go here”. I am simply stating what I have found to be dismissed because I believe some markers on the map are purposely secrets or some places on the map are not marked on the map based on their current position which has no primary effect on the gameplay or story other than basic looting. An example would be places we have discovered with no safehouses to travel to. I thought that perhaps by some possible chance there might be caves or hard-to-reach areas that lead us to believe there is potentially more to discover that we may be unaware of. This is what I believe, it does not make my theory correct but it’s what I believe to be a potential explanation to why some locations may not appear on the map or register. I am aware people have found bugs and that some places don’t register or duplicate on the map at times.(Vesslan at times duplicates on my map but isn’t permanent). Hopefully this may shed some light on questions that may need to be answers. Like I said this is just a theory of mine.

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You can recognise a moderator by the shield icon next to their name. I don’t believe that @RighteousTheory is trying to play pretend, however it’s a valid point how important it can be how you word your posts so people don’t get confused.

In addition, it’s entirely off-topic to point that out in this thread, even in passing. It rarely leads to anything other than further derailing it. So please don’t do that. If you see a potential issue with a post or a user, flag their post and move on. It’ll be dealt with.

Cheers guys.


I already explained to you why what I have posted is a map issue and why it has nothing to do with underground or otherwise hidden stuff or falling through the world (although some people call it “falling through the map” for misguided reasons, maybe just because the world and the map are homologous).

I created this thread to be more like a list thread for the devs to go through easily and fix stuff. It is not supposed to be a discussion thread. Let’s stop discussing things here and do that elsewhere.

Also, you seem to be quite new here and to the game (or to discussing it at least). I myself am rather new and still know how that feels. My suggestion: lean back for a while and get a feel for it. It is much easier to know what’s what with a little more experience.

All the best.

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On the North Coast, the map shows a land bridge between the player marker and the jetty. No such land bridge exists, it is all water and too deep to cross (I know because I tried). So either the map is wrong, or the water level/sea floor changed elevation.

Hovering cursor over area around Sorken shows this as North Coast Region:

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Very complicated to collect objects … either the place is not marked after our visit or it does not indicate the number of objects to collect from the place.
I think that I am in a delicate position where I discovered places by forgetting objects which are not marked. A needle in a haystack, I’m going to have a hard time … I think I won’t have the trophies on steam, well not for now

Hey @Takumi,

Can you provide any specific examples?


there is a screenshot that has already been made by this person. No symbol or indication that there is a military plan at this location.

By cons, At the start of the game there is an inconsistency 4/3 collected objects

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Found a hole around a bunker door.

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Only map issue im running into is in the Alpine Unrest DLC. The FOA 4 base causes A lot of lag on my end and game has frozen a few times while trying to even get into the base. Walked away for now to explore the rest of the map but it is inevitable that I have to got into the base to reach 100%.

Salthamn IP - medpack in the container on the truck can’t be picked up. April Update