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A post was merged into an existing topic: [Floating Objects] Since there isn’t already a topic for floating objects

There are some locations that should have a map marker, but I can’t hit the trigger to add it to my in-game map (plus the 100xp for discovering a location). deca Map shows a Bookmark there, it’s not an unmarked location. Here’s one I just came across, I’ll post them as I encounter them.

Villa Broskulla. I’m in the location but the location marker never appears.



First one I found: There’s an ammo cache but no building is shown on the map.

As per my 24th reply in this topic:

I get that - was in the army myself. It’s an issue of inconsistency, not so much of intent. I believe the other caches are all present and marked, so this one is likely an oversight. Also, to go by that logic, wouldn’t the FOA facilities or bunkers be way more likely to be unmarked locations? After all, these are prime installations to be targeted by an enemy. A shed with a few crates of ammo isn’t really of much concern to any army. Not that it matters much from a gameplay perspective. I think not having any of the caches marked would be kinda neat, as the player would stumble upon them without help…

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Another idea, regarding the markers on the map: Would it be a good idea to ‘consolidate’ some smaller places’ location markers with their respective safe house markers? IMO it would ease targeting them when playing with a controller. The snap-on mechanic sometimes gets in the way…

I’m pretty sure the festival is not supposed to be there…

It´s not a “new” location, but now it has a name since March update, Källviken, behind Iboholmen castle near the coast , anyone knows where is the collectible or weapon? I cant find anything more and it´s been on my mind, it might be because i already have the Prototype schematic from the container since November?
Feel free to put this on bugs report @Aesyle

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New additions of loc map icons with loot counters has caused a map issue where, when the loot item was picked up before loc map icon was added to the game, the loot counter stays at 0.

In the current case with Källviken, there is only 1x collectable: prototype runner blueprint inside the MB305 red sea can. Anyone who picked the blueprint up before Källviken’s icon was added to the map will have their Collectible counter at 0/1, while being impossible to complete.

Thanks for @Mr_A1992 for finding it.

Also, since this is single case right now, it’s suited here, under map issues topic. But if more such cases are found, they would merit their own bug report topic.

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I have found a little error for the town of Klinte.

There are -

1 x Weapon
1 x Collectables
1 x Missions

This normally pops up when mouse over a town, but no pop up on the map for Klinte in top right hand corner of the map…

Also, the Area Pop Up is also missing the Name of the Town it just says LOC:

Ive aded screenshots to show.

I know its only a little bug, but its my first post and its a bug report. :wink:

Klinte-Area-Error-Pic-1 Klinte-Area-Error-Pic-2

This has been an issue for a while now. I hope in the next update we can have this bug fixed.

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thanks @Alexohyeah

I did a search but must have missed the bug report.

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I did some testing on that location back then and it was a confusing mess indeed.

The actual location (according to the in-world notification, that is) is Bäckbol. That place spent some time as both Sandbo and Skogshult. Sort of that is.

Here is my post about it

Map bug - Arkelstorp in two places on map

It seems that both Sandbo and Skogshult are now back in their correct spots:


However, there is no map marker anymore for Bäckbol (if there actually was one in the first place).

is it just my game or did Bunker 111’s icon just doesn’t exist?

As of the FNIX Rising Update, part of the Himarvet town map terrain markers are missing at the apartment buildings.

I saw that too, and I wondered if it was just my game or not.

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Not really a troublesome one. Camp icon (red arrow) for Hällberga Festival on Himfjäll Island appears 1.51 km from where it supposed to be. I think, it should be where I am. (red circle)