Map bug - Arkelstorp in two places on map

This one is really weird. I went to the lighthouse at Arkelstorp to get the .50 cal and when I’d got it and opened the map I found that I had discovered TWO Arkelstorps - one in the east and one far to the west which I think should be another lighthouse entirely!

Even now after several saves and restarts the map still shows the wrong location name.

Platform: PC
Description: Bug, duplicated map location
Steps To Reproduce: Don’t know if it can be reproduced, but go to Arkelstorp on east of map without triggering any mission that takes you there. Climb lighthouse and retrieve .50 cal sniper rifle.
Images / Videos: see attached
Host or Client: Single player game.
Players in your game: 1
Specifications: i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.6GHz - 16Gb RAM - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 - 8Gb VRAM


That’s weird indeed. Maybe the owners were twin brothers… Or maybe it’s just a bug :slight_smile:

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I found a few farms south east of the airfield too with kind of messed up names. Like the map shows one name, but when you approach the location another name is shown in your view. Something similar used to happen for some military depos but most seems to have been fixed by last update.

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I am going to try and reach WEST Arkelstorp and see what happens. Hopefully it will activate the lighthouse location map symbol at EAST Arkelstorp.

I think its a coding error in the map places database. Would be interested to know if anyone else encounters it but I think most people in this community have already done pretty much the whole map.

It might be linked to me creating a character just before the August update and playing on after it?

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I just looked at my map and I have Arkelstorp on the east side and Karl-Erik on the west side.

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Just checked it out and you are right.

I created my character before the update too. (I also just checked the safe file from before the update and I had not discovered anything yet in the entire regions either of these places are in).

In my case the icon of Safehouse - Karl-Erik Lighthouse covers the icon of “west” Arkelstorp:

Putting the cursor in the corner of the underlying icon indeed reveals Arkelstorp - Lighthouse:

But it does say Karl-Erik Lighthouse when entering the area:

At “east” Arkelstorp there is only Safehouse - Arkelstorp:

It does say Arkelstorp on screen when you enter the area:

But there is no regular location icon on the map which seems odd in itself for such a place. On the other hand, all the other lighthouses have a location icon of their own too (besides the safehouse icon) so it is also somewhat odd that Karl-Erik Lighthouse doesn’t have one.

Nevertheless, I would say that Arkelstorp belongs in the east.

Besides: The “torp” in “Arkelstorp” occurs more than once on the map and is very similar to the Dutch word “dorp”, which means “(small) village”. So, since Sweden and The Netherlands are relatively close neighbours, I guessed that “torp” could have a similar meaning. That would put Arkelstorp in the east since that actually looks like a small village and is not just an isolated lighthouse.
But before possibly embarrassing myself I looked it up first and it turns out that “torp” actually means “homestead” (in general). Not exactly the same but still very likely that Arkelstorp belongs in the east. (And the Swedish word for “village” seems to be the word “by”, which also occurs several times on the map).

On checking this out I noticed I did not have the collectable in Arkelstorp. Which made me wonder if that would update the “west” if I picked that up. So I went to “east” Arkelstorp and after a very misleading thing …

... being this (Very possible spoiler alert!!!) ... grabbing a "fake" collectable just outside the "detection range" for *Arkelstorp* which did not update the counter and which almost had me post lies here ...

… I found the collectible there. That did indeed update the collectible count onscreen and “in” the “west” Arkelstorp location icon.

Maybe the location icon for Arkelstorp is just stacked on top of the one for Karl-Erik Lighthouse. I have read some other topics from the past that describe exactly that.

Pretty confusing and should definitely not happen.


I noticed that too when I went back there to double check a “floating road” (and to take a screenshot from the location nearby for reference, which I forgot earlier) before posting them.

So I reloaded a save and recorded it:

Of course, I thought it must have had something to do with the august update so I reloaded the save I made right before updating. Here is the same location from that save:

Yep that one also changed into Bäckbol. Pretty obvious that the update is the cause, right?

But wait … whaaat?. Double name change? But, o yeah, of course … Probably the update screwed up the name and an engine bug causes the wrong detection with the old name too. So it must be the update after all, right?

Well … not exactly … To double check, I reloaded the first save I made after the update (about 2 hours after) and it was still called Sandbo! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Now, I have a whole bunch of backup save files (almost daily) and I checked them all out. The name changed from Sandbo to Skogshult somewhere between the 4th and the 5th of September.

The first thing I thought was that I probably did not enter the region all that time. But that would probably be the most extreme example of “that could not be further from the truth” you can possibly imagine.

Because directly after that update I did some serious extensive testing for this bug report:

I literally spent hours right next door in the same region. And one of the “across regions tests” was nowhere less than right at that intersection in front of that location.

And another interesting thing:

In both video’s you can see I discovered the location again and got XP for it. So I was curious and wanted to see what would happen if I would go back again after saving and restarting the game.

In both cases the name reverted back to Skogshult and Sandbo (respectively) on the map. The name Bäckbol still appeared onscreen when I got there but I did not re-discover it and got no XP. And the name on the map did not change to Bäckbol this time.

This is one hell of a case of “trans location” if you ask me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for the additional input guys, so it looks like the update messed things up quite a bit.

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Gnomes are not the only collectibles to find. The second collectible in that video is the one that updated the counter in my case. I have no idea if the first in that video counts as a collectable for any specific location or if it is just one of those random ones.

My third row, first column is also still empty. If you search for “missing gnome” in the forum you will find the location of that one in the first search result (even though the title might have you think otherwise).