Map: Location name corruption "LOC:"

When I first reached this location, the game announced its proper name. On second (I believe) approach it only says “LOC:”. I encountered this bug previously, believing it was location specific. Apparently it is not.

Steps to Reproduce:
Not sure, visit a location multiple times. But it happens only on rare occasions.

Platform/Session type:
PC, Single Player


Some more corruption: Before I visited Karl-Erik Lighthouse for the first time it showed me “Collectables 1/1, Weapons 1/1”. I had never been there before. I know, because the safe house wasn’t unlocked. There is one collectable, but it is on top. There also is no weapon, it seems. I believe the above markers/achievements are from a different location.

Yep, that description belongs to the lighthouse in the eastern part, where you can get the 4* PVG 90 (Arkelstorp ?)


I forget which way around it is, but when I visit one of those lighthouses the on screen prompt tells me I’m at the other.

Ok, so that one is static. I try to remember to post it over the map issue thread. Maybe I already leave a dummy there.

There are several “LOC” locations.

A safehouse in the west near Garphammar and one in the north slightly east of Aspenäs. The latter has no icon on the map but it is actually Beredskapsförråd 111 (which you see if you discover the location).

And also:


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