Bug Reports From A Tester

Since the only way to post Bugs to the developer is via forum.
Here is some notes i did while playing:

Some things here, you cannot pick up.

Side Mission: Normal lives (ALPINE)
Cannot clear this mission due to some kind of bug. The last enemy dies in the ground and you cannot loot - hence not complete the mission.

I will probably post more as i go along. I love this game but its so many bugs, this needs fixing so it can be the best game it can be!

Welcome to the forums, here are a few pointers. Please try to avoid posting list threads, and keep bug reports separate with as much detail as possible. It’s much easier for the devs to go through individual bug reports.

We’ve got several collection threads already, linked through my own thread here.

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The empty boxes in the second place you reported may be affected by a bug I reported some time ago - the military base right above (north) on the map has the same problem, and I think it triggers due to the last boss of the main game being in that area. As soon as you visit the parking lot of the facility, all ‘loot boxes’ are empty until you restart the game. Try it if you got the time, and do report if it happens to you as well. Can’t hurt to have multiple confirmations on this one.

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