Developers listen up


(Like and leave comments of any other bugs here on this post alone DEVELOPERS HEAR US FOR ONCE)

  1. Fix weapon swap
  2. Fix reloading
  3. Fix world render glitches
  4. Fix falling through the map
  5. Fix throwing gernades
  6. Fix the Bikes
  7. Fix the Rivals update
  8. Fix the machine A.I
  9. Fix map screen miss information
  10. Expand your staff

Until these bugs aren’t prioritized your game will keep losing fans I LOVE YOUR GAME BUT FIX THE STUFF THAT MATTERS FIRST Please


I have never had an issues with throwing grenades, I have never fallen through the map, I have zero problem with the 1980’s single speed bikes, I like monthly bug fixes/updates, I think their streams are good enough at showing what is in the update (though I wish they would not always play on PC give console some love) & what matters to you or I may not matter to another…

BTW there already is a thread for bugs:


Thank you SteampunkPagan


I posted this in another thread and here again becase it fits and hopefully the devs look in their forum from time to time:

They should fix/improve the stuff we are complaining for month and with wich we have comtact very often:

  1. Inventoy (the same bad system as in the beginning)
  2. Plundra
  3. Aiming/mouse sensivities (only for pc users)
  4. Remove the “stack ammo in the weapon” system
  5. Show ammo types in the hud and let us switch them by pressing a key
  6. Granates/emp cells still stick to our handy (happend to me yesterday like in tenes video)
  7. Reduce the delay between weapon switches.
  8. Remove the delay that avoids switching weapon after aiming down sight (if you aim with your weapon and stop holding the aim button the weapon goes back in the hip fire position. During this animation you can not switch weapons or other items)
  9. Reload bug
  10. Weapon switching bug

Those fixing/improving are essential for a shooter with that amount of loot and they should do this as soon as possible!


Rather than saying “FIX A, FIX B”
Provide bug reports.

Devs can’t fix a problem if they can’t replicate it. The more accurately YOU describe your issues, the more likely they are to fix it. If they can’t find the issue, there is no issue for them.

Monthly updates are better than 3-6month updates. Allows for frequent bug fixes and changes to happen.

TL;DR: If you don’t help the devs fix the issues by making bug reports, stop crying about it.


How many reports per bug? I’ve seen a lot since the release, wrote them, but weapon switching is still glitched. Should we DDoS devs with the same bug reports over and over again? Crappy inventory and ammo stacking was even acknowledged by devs on stream, but still we got half-finished new feature while core game mechanics full of bugs.


Bug fixing and making models for new weapons are done by 2 different people, since they are 2 different roles (artist vs developer)

If bugs are not yet fixed, it means that there havent been enough bug reports on said bug.
there is no “how much”
just “enough” or “not enough”


Hey guys,

Like @TheCatPlaysGamez says, bug reports are your best way to go about these issues, not making a thread with a list of demands. Ingame bugs can only be fixed if you know why they’re happening, on which platform, under which configuration of settings, etc. Just saying “fix it” is not the way to go about this.

I’ve already made a collection thread of the most common issues like @SteampunkPagan posted earlier, in an attempt to prevent people from posting those bugs over and over. I’m still updating it based on user feedback, and developer response. If you feel I’ve left something out, something that’s been an issue since launch, post in the thread and I’ll put it up there.

The Popular Bugs List also has links to the Floating Objects thread, the Terrain Hole thread and the Misc Terrain Issues thread. All three have been helpful for the devs thus far in evening out bumps and cracks ingame.

Since this thread’s more a list of demands than a discussion topic, and since there’s already topics available about collecting bugs and issues, I’ll be locking this one.

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