Patch Notes - August Update

Hi all! The patch notes for tomorrow’s update (this is NOT live yet) are now available on our website. Feel free to have a read!


So looking forward to the update


Niiice :smile: I’ve updated my list of common bugs reported with the issues that’ve been fixed. Looking forward to checking out the changes tomorrow!


I dig the fact that a lot of the wording in this update has it’s focus on the horizon of GZ. this is all perfect foundation for the game moving forward, especially a lot of those multiplayer fixes. Hats off to the team and i’m stoked to play the update tomorrow! :smiley:

The next step for Side Missions is to tweak how they are handled when you’re playing solo vs. multiplayer. Right now in MP they behave like Main Missions do: as in everything that can be synced up, is synced between players. In the future we’re exploring how to make Side Missions completable by everyone independently. Why? So that you’re not accidentally completing a Side Mission when your friend ran off to finish a Side Mission across the map while you’re in the middle of a Main Mission.

so if a mission objective is to destroy the machine’s in an area and other people in my game complete that while I am on the other side of the map, how does that work? Do I have to go back to main menu, kicking them out of the session so the machine’s will respawn and I can complete it?

Let’s hope with the paid DLC getting another attempt the inventory tracking will finally register your items, because if gear starts doing a disappearing act inside plundra boxes - it’s not going to go down well.

I mean…didn’t they Beta test this first?