Marden Bunker bugged


Dont know when this happened, but I have completed the quests already. Now then marden bunker is bugged and the generator is powered off and the doors to the command center are closed, I have the safe house behind the doors, but I cannot exit the bunker that way (cause of locked door) or enter the command center (cause of locked door) on the other side.

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Same here on Xbox. I completed this then went into the game today & even when going to the safe house located there the door to the Warboard on the right & the one leading out to the left are locked. I even turned the power on again just to make sure but nope they would not unlock.


I see the same. The safe house can not be used anymore as I can’t exit the bunker. Playing on PC.


I have run into that problem too. I have gone through and turned on power again and looted. Get back to doors and they won’t open. Fast Travel in and the only way out is to Fast Travel out. Can’t reach the Stash Box either.


@LtAnders this issues is in the thread below now (it seems to be back for many including myself) it is under World & is #1 listed. Hope this helps because you are not alone with this one.
[IMPORTANT!] Popular Bugs List


I have many bugs and can and have worked around many aswell as the reacurring inventory button bug that keeps biting me , but the marden bug i have and nothing can be done our end to fix this. Like many here i have completed all seen all 3 times over from launch day , since September patch i can not enter bunker Marden … the devs will have to open-sesame this one .:+1:


I’m having the same issue and it’s a shame. Was getting back into the game and roadblocks like this make me give up again.


I confirm this bug has been fixed on the PS4.


Fixed on Xbox as well!