My Personal List of Bugs



Here I list all the bugs I actually personally experienced and are confirmed by my Co-op partner (so none of the bugs here are a “maybe”):

General List

  • Tens of graphical glitches and bugs; summarized in this one bullet point, because it does not affect or only affects the gameplay minimally. Examples: enemies glitching through wall and attack through wall; particles looking weird and jumping around the world; a lot of sound bugs from enemies that are not there, but their sounds are, etc, etc, etc…
  • Frequent game crashes without error messages.
  • Game crash right after joining a multiplayer session with this type of message.
  • Aiming with throwables is very off.
  • Items like e.g. the Paramedic Response Pack sometimes seem to remain after they have been used up, but you cannot interact with them.
  • Sometimes enemies despawn within SECONDS of being killed, leaving no chance of looting. Extremely annoying with bigger enemies, where you spent a large amount of ammunition.
  • Sometimes loot just disappears while you were trying to pick it up. For example, you can try looting a big guy, notice your inventory is full, empty your inventory and then you cannot loot him again, even though you couldn’t loot him previously due to your inventory being full.
  • Sometimes enemies are invincible, even though you clearly hit them, several times, within range.
  • Sometimes sniper weapons don’t reach their target, even if the target is very close (talking 50m or closer).
  • Sometimes overdrive effect of Experimental SMG does not work.
  • Using Shotgun with Slug ammunition causes shots to explode right in front of the barrel i.e. zero damage done to any enemy.
  • Server-Client De-Sync: enemy heroes are duplicated. There is one version of the hero on the server side and a second one on the client side. Which results in Player 1 fighting their version of the hero, which Player 2 cannot see or interact with.
  • Save Game is crazy: the game says, that progress is only saved on the host’s game. However, when the host once connected to me, I had some quests done, others not, which is impossible, because we never did any quests while they were connected to me. This results not only in confusion but can break part of the game.
  • Main Mission, where you have to destroy the truck full of bombs, is broken, can’t progress in this mission. (This is a known bug, promised to be patched soon.)
  • Main Mission, in Bunker at the airport is broken since release of the game.


  • All these are experienced when playing with a Co-op partner.
  • There are more issues, but they aren’t confirmed to be actual game bugs, so I won’t list them here out of fairness.
  • A lot of design and “not implemented yet” issues exist as well, but are not technically “bugs” (which I would consider the worst Inventory/Storage system to be, but that is another story…).


Most (if not all) of these issues have been reported already. There’s also already a very active thread for the most common bugs as well as collection threads for specific issues.

This forum section is for bug reports. Bullet point lists like this one serve no purpose here. They’re difficult to go through and it takes time away from going over the actual reports that contain helpful information.


thank you for the information. I will update the category.

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