Consoles DLC: Please read

Hi !

Let’s speak about the situation: Consoles will get the DLC And Update in August wich means 2-3 months without updates…

PC players are actually enjoying both DLC & updates, spoiling the story by the way. At this point I want to try the new missions of the DLC but it will feel “already seen” by August with all those spoilers out.

So I have a few questions:
Why didn’t you wait to release this content for everybody at the same time ? Instead of turning it into a PC-exclusive DLC for months.

And why don’t we have at least a small update with only some content (difficulty solved, the 2 melee weapons, higher level cap or whatever…) to help waiting so long while getting spoilers ? The game is actually dead on consoles. By August, I’ll switch to another game with all my teamates if the game stay the same.

Last question: After all the spoilers and wait, do you still plan to SELL this DLC on consoles ? And if you do, will it be at the same price as it was on PC, despite the empty months, without update? By the way, PC players will get all content discovered before consoles players could even download the update wich is quite a motivation-killer.

I’m not angry, I’m just sad that a great game start to feel so boring and that if it stays like that so long I’ll probably never get back. I truly hope you’ll solve the situation quickly and that you’ll never do the same mistake of delaying the update for only half the community.


We’ll do our best to contain the amount of spoilers here on the forums, like tagging threads and make sure people use spoiler tags when they post. There’s no reason why console players should be ruined of their experience of the DLC.


This is one of my favorite games of all time, but one of the things that frustrates me the most is that they didn’t release the update at the same time on PC and console. I wish they had simply held out the release date until they were finished with the console version to release them, at most, a week or 2 apart. Of course, there are so many reasons this may not have been possible, since it seems like they are running into unexpected roadblocks, I’m just a bit disappointed.

It´s almost certain that the price will be the same.
But the thing is, it´s actually unfair this situation, because this is not a situation where a game launched on a Platform and some months or years later launched on another.
The game was available for PC, XBOX and PS4 at the same time, i believe this is the only known case where a DLC is not available at the same time in this circumstances, and i also don´t know why, therefore i ask the same question.
Why was the DLC available only for PC and not even a small patch to correct the previous mistakes brought by the April update was made for the consoles?
I am not angry, but this is not a good way to promote the game and commercially speaking it makes no sense, it´s bad for business, clients will loose interest and gives a bad image.
I hope in the future they make better choices (like not postponing the DLC for all platforms).
They have a great game here, just needs some polishing :wink: .


Please have a read at Letter from the Team - July 3rd.

I find it strange why they didn’t push out a patch for consoles at least. My guess is that they cannot split the patch from the DLC contents. I’m sorry that you have to wait that long for a patch. I hope you’ll get fixes for the things the PC players experience with the patch/DLC for consoles included.

Thanks, I already did !

The worst part is that we have a broken game since April with very little new content since this time. It’s just boring once you finished the challenges.

I would keep playing if there was new things to get like clothes, weapons, summer event with special clothes/collectibles or simply a higher level cap. Instead we’ll get NOTHING the whole summer.

The game is harder since April AND there is nothing that worth it. Very little bonus for clothes, still the same level cap, but stronger enemies… I see no reason to keep playing Generation Zero and I’m sorry for it…

I finally have time to play this summer and I could discover the DLC but by August I’ll be back at work, full of spoilers because of Twitter/YouTube so I’ll just delete the game to get more GB for another game as I won’t play GZ this summer. It’s sad but, even with the DLC looking very good, it just won’t feel “New” anymore. The story is already revealed thanks to PC players. The only point now in playing Fnix Rising for consoles players is quickly finishing the already seen mission for xp (if you don’t already have 4 characters at max level) and getting the melee weapons. So all efforts that they put in the story telling part have sadly become useless. I’d better pay just to directly get the weapons & xp.

At this point, GZ will only get my attention back if we get ANOTHER DLC this summer, without spoilers this time, or an heavily extended version of Fnix Rising.

To be honest, I’d better see Fnix Rising fully deleted for consoles and a fully different DLC/update with another story, enemies & weapons. You just waste too much time with a DLC that became less and less interesting thanks to spoilers. It would be better to totally give up on this DLC and give us quickly a good update and then a fully new DLC later for both PC & consoles.

Between Fnix Rising in August and the new ps5 & xbox releases, there is little to no time. Most people will better save money to get ps5/xbox games than to get an old, spoiled DLC for an old, unplayed since April, ps4 game.

Just give up, this Fnix won’t be back from his ashes. It would be better to get a solid update that make the game more “playable” soon instead of waiting so long because of a DLC we can already see on YT.
Fnix Rising is just a waste of time now, for both devs and consoles players.

So, one more time delayed…

This time Xbox players will play the DLC and we’ll definitely get even more spoilers for PS4 players. Twitter or YouTube already have a lot of them, and launching the game on Xbox will generate a new wave of spoilers…

Still waiting for the game to be playable since APRIL. Now it has been months since we last played Generation Zero with my team. We were waiting for the update (and a bit for the DLC too).

Last days of August… and it’s delayed again, WITHOUT any informations on the new release date for PS4?

At this point how could we trust you ? Delayed so much, it looks like the update will never happen on PS4(?).

It’s easy to say sorry, it’s just words. At this point we need actions from you. I don’t know, maybe this DLC or the 3rd DLC could be free(/refund) for everybody or something like that. Or you could ask Sony to let PS4 players get a refund of the game. After all, it has been 5 months with the game being wasted because of the April update difficulty.

You losed the trust of many players, especially on PS4. You’ll have to get our trust back, if you want players back in GZ. I’m not gonna play GZ again, or buy a DLC, if I’m not even sure the game will stay playable. And I’m not gonna try Second Extinction for the same reason.

Players have supported you (buying the game/dlc/cosmetics) and we waited for you to correct the game since April. You made the mistakes with both the April update and the Last update that you paired with a DLC. The April update killed the game and we are still waiting in August. You won’t get away with “The game was unplayable for 5 months, we are sorry, here is a new DLC we hope you’ll buy”

To forget such a big fail, you’ll have to truly step up your game. Just releasing the update and the DLC, after so long, it’s just the beginning ! It’s something basic you made us wait way too long for. It’s not enough to forget all the disapointment you generated. I hope for you that you have something a lot more awesome waiting and quickly coming after Fnix!


whoah whoah whoah, cool it! They never said September so it will still likely be this month. Firstly loads of the content will be FREE and when you look at DLC’s GZ are a bargain, remember would you like to be doing this during a pandemic?
The Dev Team has tried really hard and are still trying to get it out, only a couple weeks i bet before it comes out for ps4, also Paul did say there were playstaion specific issues, would you rather have it now, with bugs or later with no bugs?

Paul DID say sorry btw did you not even watch the vid? I have said my piece in defence of the game :slightly_smiling_face: a


The devlopers have been very transparent about this. You should also consider that there is a pandemic going. That slows thing down for everyone. The product owner himself apologized for the delay so you cant claim they arent sorry. If there wasn’t a pandemic then things could have perhaps gotten better. If you still dont get lemme break down for ya.

  • Pandemic is on - effect? Devs must work in home and minimize the amount of people in the office
  • Devs work from home - effect? Coordinating and puhsing out builds is harder because QA takes longer aswell
  • Coordinating is difficult - effect? This kind of pandemic hasn’t happend in this kind of scale that has resulted in developers chaning the very structure of developing a GAME WICH IS ALREADY DIFFUCLT IN THE FIRST PLACE.
  • Harder to push out builds - effect? they have to QA test aswell and then if something is wrong repeat the procces again.

Then there is the certification process. For steam it’s easy as pushing a button. Xbox fast but not as fast as steam. Playstation? much longer


There is really no defending against gamers who aren’t truly fans.


Now hold on everybody lets not attack eachother. Lets keep this discussion civil. First of all yea console was delayed, and they have been dealing with the harder machines. But attacking a dev team who did not choose to delay console is stupid. Delaying a console patch, and dlc does not make sense to do on purpose. And on purpose i mean it IS ready, and fine, buts still not releasing. This is just a choice to lose money. But this is not the case, the devs have been trying to get the console patch out, but again due to reason listed by dev, and other community members, it has been delayed. So anybody who thinks the devs are milking for money, are just plain illogical. As this move would make milking less effective.(i am NOT saying the devs are milking here.). So now to be out in the console players shoes. You have had no fun for months, and patch keeps being delayed. Then good news! Console gets the patch but only Xbox… Well they are now more frustrated. I can understand that. But attacking devs will not help anybody here.

Edit: I am not saying people here in this thread, have been less than civil, or have accused the devs of anything. But i have seen threads like this turn less than great, and accusation of milking multiple times. Putting this out in hopes this thing stays more or less peaceful.

No hate against gen zeros devs or any thing nut what happened. Its been over a month and still silence from them i hope the staff is ok and if they are a letter or something would be nice, because last i heard they were trying to fix the dlc problems and then just poof what happened to you. Lets us know whats happening

Merged topics. Here’s a link to the latest dev letter, it was literally released yesterday.


They said the Xbox updates will come next week but the PS4 version is delayed = not next week. It means that it wouldn’t be released sooner than the 31 August. After that, it’s September. They won’t speak of “delay” if both versions would come really close (7 days apart). The second they said the PS4 version is delayed, without any date, they just prepared PS4 players to wait a lot longer. You’ll see.

The free content of the update… PC players already got it for months. The story of the DLC ? Already seen thanks to spoilers. We need something REALLY NEW for everybody, a fresh restart for the whole community to be together. Because at this point PC, Xbox and PS4 players are disconnected from each other. PC players had time to discover Fnix, they are now waiting for something new .
And consoles players are a lot less hyped since they seen spoilers and the PC community already discovered all the secrets of Fnix, discussed it, made tutorials, got the new items… It’s like coming after the end of a party or watching a popular movie months after the release, you just feel “too late”.

For PS4 players it will feel like buying an old game or a second-hand game that everybody else already tried.

Next update, DLC or whatever should be released at the SAME TIME for EVERYBODY.

I watched the video and heard the “apology”. It’s words, it’s easy to say sorry. I don’t care about words, I’m looking for facts and the facts are:

-Update is delayed again for PS4 without a new date. It has been months.

-The game is still boring to play, too hard since April.

-We’ll keep waiting and the wait will only be rewarded by… an old update + a DLC (to buy) that PC players got months ago. Oh and an apology.

-players had to stop playing the game (they bought) because of the difficulty and bugs for months. They wait, again and again and when the problem will finally be solved, no compensation for the pain, the ammo/heal lost against overpowered enemies/bugs, the wait…

I just hate Fnix Rising, all the problems about it, it killed the game. The devs should take care of their players, I’m sure they already lost many of them and a part of the community don’t trust them anymore. They have to give us something truly awesome after Fnix, to gain our trust back or at least keep players.

Right know the GZ community has been cut in 3 parts (pc, ps4, Xbox), all 3 are waiting (pc for something new, consoles for the old update) and the game probably lost many customers with all the problems. The end of GZ will come soon if they keep losing players. Without something really awesome after Fnix, I’ll considered the game dead by December

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Thanks, I know they aren’t milking by delaying. The situation is hard for them but I think they made huge mistakes:

-The April update is a game killer
-Waiting so long to correct this update was a mistake
-Pairing the update with a “big” DLC was a bigger mistake (as a problem with one, cause the delay of the others in both ways)
-releasing the game for just a part of the community was bad, it just disconnected PC and consoles community, Killing the hype and frustrating the consoles community.
-again, splitting community between Xbox and PS4 by releasing the Xbox version while ps4 is delayed.

They just had to release everything for everybody at the same time. This way, they could have work for a patch to solves the difficulty bugs for the whole community at first, delaying the DLC but at least making the game playable again for EVERYBODY.

They took poor decisions again and again. And maybe THIS is about money: They wanted to release the DLC as soon as possible, to get the money fast so they released it on PC and then Xbox as soon as possible. Instead of focusing on the update to make the game playable… They could have made a patch to solve the difficulty on consoles first as it should have been their TOP PRIORITY.

Now I uninstalled GZ after this last delay and my whole team will do the same. The game is a pain to play and we waited long enough. I just used the money I saved for Fnix Rising to buy a Deluxe edition of Avengers (instead of the regular one) and it will become our new coop game.

I loved GZ but the game is way too bad on PS4 actually. You can’t expect players to wait months for such issues to be solved and to finally being able of enjoying the game again.

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Maybe you haven’t noticed but there’s a global pandemic going on. And for someone who says “I’m looking for facts and the facts are”, don’t you think that the fact of there being a pandemic would cause game development to be extremely more difficult?

Yes but you can’t hide all problems behind the pandemic. They made poor decisions of releasing the update separately for PC and then Xbox while players on PS4 can’t play the game actually. Pairing the DLC AND the update was a huge mistake. Not solving the difficulty problem for everybody at the same time was a bad idea too. At one point they should have focused on solving the main difficulty issue, delaying the DLC part, instead of focusing on the whole update+DLC. At one point they choosed to pair the DLC AND update and then they kept working on both while the game is unplayable. Poor decisions that ruined the game. And I guess they just wanted to release the DLC as soon as possible, to get the money. Because it makes no sense to let your game unplayable so long while working on a DLC. They should have delayed the dlc and focus on fixing quickly the difficulty.

And remember, the pandemic isn’t just about the devs. It’s the same problem for everybody. There are players forced to stay at home that cannot enjoy the game since the April update. Players that would like to think of something else than a pandemic by playing video games, guess what ? GZ, a game they bought, is unplayable. Maybe some GZ players got killed by the corona and will never be able to enjoy the game once it will finally be playable again.

A delay is okey with the pandemic situation. But delaying it only for consoles and then only for PS4… It’s disrespectful. It just show us that they wanted to sell their DLC quick, to PC players, ignoring the fact that consoles players weren’t able to play. And now, DLC for Xbox while PS4 can’t play.

If they just corrected the difficulty in May/June and then worked to deliver the DLC for everybody in December it would be better, at least we could still play the game…


You are only considering this situation is a very 2D way.

Once you factor in the reality of what was expected in a 3D world - you would have taken it better.

I don´t agree with everything he said, but there are some points where he is right:
The major bugs introduced on April should have been fixed a long time ago, there is no argument to be made about that and is the main reason of the discontent by the GZ players.
Delaying the DLC for consoles and then only for PS4 is not well received by those affected, but if the bugs had been fixed with a patch, i believe the Delay would have been easily accepted.
As long as the main game is okay, a DLC delay is just a small detail.


It’s a reductive argument, it feels like you’re thinking my advice worth less than yours. All advices are personnal and it’s a lot more developped than 2D or 3D.

So you should think about the reason why people might feel like this about the game and all the delay. Because this advice is real so it means the situation push people to think like that. It’s not good or bad, it’s personnal advice. This thread isn’t about defining who’s right or false, it’s about a message on how some mistakes should be corrected and how some players feel about the actual game management.