Letter from the Team - July 3rd

Hi everyone - Going to jump right into the top comment we’re getting everywhere: Where are the console releases of FNIX Rising?

As we mentioned in last week’s blog, there are some console-specific problems we’re struggling to nail down that have impacted the release of this update / FNIX Rising on PS4 and Xbox One. Specifically, we’re facing real challenges with testing and fixing multiplayer issues due to our working-from-home situation. Things that used to take hours in the office are taking days at home. We had tried to plan around this and had looked into a variety of solutions when things weren’t tracking well, but we still need more time in the end.

We’re expecting that we won’t be able to release in July as we previously stated, but instead will likely have the update go live in August. This isn’t where we hoped to be at this time, and we know it’s not what you wanted, but we’d rather provide a more stable experience than have something go out that would have fundamental issues with multiplayer.

We appreciate your patience and understanding with us as we work through this and we apologize for the delay. You can always check our channels to find out more as things progress. Thank you!

-Paul Keslin, Product Owner
-The Generation Zero Team


I can always be patient for gen z especially during these hard times and the fact your pulling a DLC out during this is insanely good! Keep going dev team! :smiley: (Though if FNIX rising is going to be a while, could we please have the patch for the machines difficulty? I died to a prototype hunter the other day at lv 31 which made me cringe :disappointed:)


Expectations aside, it´s understandable and it´s better if the DLC comes without any major bugs.
But it´s been more than 2 months, could we please just have a patch that fixes the Machines overpowered Weapons range and speed?


This was not welcome birthday news

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Total bummer, but probably the right way to do it.
That difficulty patch - if possible - would be a nice treat though…


a bird in the hand is better than a hundred flying … but I bet the patch won’t be in August either …


Why don’t they fix the completely broken difficulty in a patch and launch the DLC in August? Has no sense. I do not want the DLC but if the difficulty is fixed so I can see if it is worth buying the DLC or not. Say you’re on vacation. a hard truth is better than a hundred soft lies.


This will likely hurt sales. With the previous DLC (despite launch problems) at least there was a chance to discover everything by yourself. By now there are spoilers upon spoilers in the topics with regards to the latest DLC. I may end up skipping it as I already learned so much about it.

What is a greater issue to me is the fact that the April patch essentially killed the game for many of us. I believe it is bordering on unacceptable to have to wait for four months for the April issues to be resolved. In fact, I would welcome a rollback if we are to wait until August.


I have to agree with @pennywise

I don´t mind the delayed DLC, and i have plans to buy it nevertheless, i will keep supporting the game, but it´s not acceptable to wait 4 months for a small patch.
The game is on standby for me, and i´m pretty sure many people have already gave up and moved on.
Please consider delivering a Hotfix/patch.


I really don’t wanna bash the Avalanche team, but I very much agree with you @Mr_A1992

Also, @pennywise had got a point regarding spoiling the story. It’s really hard to avoid spoilers when you on the same time like to be a part of the community.

Of course, this is nothing compared to the crap that’s been happening in the real world this year, but anyway, it’s sad.
I will stay loyal to this game, but I’m afraid a lot of people will not.

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Thank you for your opinion, i will also remain loyal to the game and let me also say that i´m not in any way bashing the Avalanche team, they did an amazing game (with some small and major bugs), the game keeps evolving, this situation without a patch is just a bit sad and very unfortunate, and it´s sad many people (costumers) gave up already.
About the Spoilers…this days… the very same day a game comes out, there are already walkthroughs everywhere, so it´s up to a person to try at all cost to avoid them.

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Well that stinks
Oh well I understand though
Even though I usually don’t play multiplayer

Oh, I didn’t suggest that you were bashing anyone, sorry if you thought so!

I know you did not :sweat_smile:, but others might think that way, and i actually like the game they made, i don´t even “loose time” in any other game Forum, i think that says a lot about what i think about this game and it´s developers.

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I feel exactly the same. There is so many people just throwing sh*t at Avalanche, not respecting and remembering the love and devotion the devs been putting into this game.

I’m not usually that in to gaming besides FIFA anymore, I don’t have the time, but this game and everything about it just blew me away. (It also makes me kind of proud of being a swedish cold war nerd :sweat_smile:)
So I’m willing to be very patient about this, but at the same time I believe having a serious and open discussion about the problems of the game and having fair demands are just healthy.
I think the team would also want it that way.


My hope Is Gz will be up and running at full capacity by Christmas and we will see annoying but unavoidable delays gone, It would be really nice if at some point we got a great update/DLC at the same time on consoles and PC. Not moaning at systemic reaction or avalanche but we need the update together as quite a few console players like me are bummed at having been spoilt a lot at the update :disappointed_relieved: I know you guys try very hard so thank you for all your effort!


I agree full with you. I can see that the developer team is a small team what besides troubleshooting have to develop the game further. Creating surface Models i’ve always found to be punitive work. Every single leaf on the trees and every single blade of grass is a surface modell that has to be created first.and then the programming work to bring the game to life.
Detecting and eliminating a bug is just as much a nasty job, because the smallest detail in a program is enough to create malfunctions.
It can happen, that if you remove a bug, a new one is created in another place. This can sometimes turn into a search for a needle in a haystack.
Therefor i admire the work of this team. They have really made a awsome game that has for me as a german sweden brought really close. I love to step around in the map without encountering an enemy because that game is so athmospheric.
In this difficult times it is really difficult to work at home then loading a big CAD Model can make you bite a piece off the desk because it takes a long time to load.
And like you i agree they deserve a serious and open discussion abaout problems.
Therefore I will continue to support the game and patiently wait for the next patch. It won’t take that long until August.

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Just another month with those dam Assassins of April! ( What i’m calling it now )

Sneak them on and assasin them :grinning:

Well I know that Germans love to tourist in Sweden, and with the stunning visual accuracy of GZ and the current travel limitation, this game might become a bestseller in Germany the day you publish your diary! :smile: