Letter from the Team - July 3rd


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Appreciate the information/update. I agree that a good update late is better than a quick update that’s buggy. Any chance we console players can get the machine hostility tweaked sooner?


Thanks for the update. love the game. I appreciate the desire to get things right. I can wait for the DLC, that’s no problem, but we need to at least get the bug/difficulty fixes out. To make us wait another month for bug fixes is not cool.


I’ll try and get as much info as I can from the Twitch stream later and follow up here.


I’ve had this game for 2 months and its unplayable much past the first island. Fix what you already sold, I won’t buy DLC for a broken game. I bought 2 ps4 copies of the game to have fun with a friend and it has been just a disappointing tease.


the fix for the difficulty is free? plus prone, bug fixes, map improvements, melee weapons, and APOC harvester.

Edit: Also the patch has been postponed for console because of console specific bugs. So if they did not postpone it you would be here complaining of bugs.


Welcome to the forums.

The team is doing their best to make the game work on all platforms. If you encounter any issues there’s the #bug-reports section. Or give feedback in the #feedback-feature-requests section. Both have ample of threads on a number of subjects relating to recent updates.

I’ve also edited your post, try to keep things civil in the future.



Remember it’s " August " so potentially 6 week yet