Constant Crashes on the Xbox One

I have the game now for a few months and in the begin i had not one crash at all, played it for hours without any trouble, that made me to buy ALL dlc’s. It still worked fine, then suddenly out of the blue it crashes one time,i restarted, and since that moment, every hour it crashes like 10 to 15 times, WHAT IS THAT??? can you fix it please??? i see onthe forum i am not the only one… i really loved that game,that’s why i bought all the dlc’s, but now, i can’t play anymore, constant constant CONSTANTTTTTT those crahes… very dissapointing :frowning:
I play on the xbox one.


Can you tell if it happens in special regions or under special circumstances?
May it be related to assignments or something else which has to do with apex connect?