Constant crashing on pc

after playing a few days i’m getting annoyed by the constant crashing.
it’s completely random, somethimes after 20 min, sometimes more and sometimes less.
not at the same place either, just random.
every time i click send error report (witch 50% of the times fails).
i’m on pc.
intel I9-9900KF.
ASUS rtx 3080.
32GB memory dual channel 1600MHZ
4k resolution.

things i tried already:
updated to the latest nvidia drivers.
move graphic setting to medium.
moved from fullscreen to borderless window.
changed powerlimit in MSI afterburner to 90.

every change i have done at one per try, no difference at all.
so now i’m a bit lost.
getting harder and harder to continue playing this wonderfull game, as everytime i need to backtract to my spot where i crashed.

I’m not on the newest build, so take this all with a large spoon of salt, but the crashing sometimes just goes away, and then it’s back with a vengeance. For the last week, I had crashes like every 5 minutes for three days, and two days ago I updated my drivers, made a backup of my save file and the game’s been serene since then. Like it sensed I was about to give it the boot. My system’s weaker than yours, so that part of the equation should be fine. Maybe let Steam verify the game files though. Can’t hurt.

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Is your GPU overclocked? I had similar random crashes when I tried to overclock my GTX 1070. Even slightest changes to the clocks caused crashing.

Also, are you limiting FPS in nvidia control panel? or are you running on 100% GPU usage?
What are the temperatures on your CPU and GPU?

Did you turn vsync off? Probably won’t help the crashing, but like you should turn that off.

No, not overclocked, in my testing i even underclocked it.
tried it with vsync on and off, and with my testing on lower graphics quality my GPU usage is very low, about 55% and temp is between 50C and 60C.
CPU temp is even lower.

well, looks like i’m done with this game :frowning:
after doing a spike the guns quest for over 20 times, and everytime after a crash i’m back to the beginning, but everything i can loot is already looted and staying that way.
so no ammo anymore.
done, finito.

try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. If that doesn’t work I’d agree with you

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Thought I was going absolutely bonkers thinking I was the only one with the problem. I noticed it would happen a few months ago when I went to a specific bunker mission. Finally managed to complete the mission, so I thought that was it.

But the crashes are becoming more frequent. I’ve uninstalled using Display Driver Uninstall and reinstalled. I’ve also set the Nvidia Control panel FPS limit for the game to 144 to match the monitor. But the GPU isn’t pushing above 100 FPS.

I do have MSI Afterburner installed, but no overclocks.

At this point, I’m wondering if there is something corrupted in my save files.

I think I’ve got it stabilized. Ryzen 5, 3600x, 32 GB RAM, EVGA Black 3060, 1080p

  1. Downloaded NVidia drivers from July 2021. (tested just July 2021 drivers and it wasn’t resolved)
  2. Boot into Safe Mode
  3. Used Display Driver Uninstaller to uninstall and reboot.
  4. In Safe Mode, run DDU again, just in case.
  5. Reboot into normal
  6. Install Nvidia Drivers
  7. Reboot
  8. Using Nvidia Control Panel, set all games to max FPS of 144 (matches my monitor).
  9. Using MSI Afterburner, dropped my power limit to 90%.

Not sure why but earlier when I configured just Gen Z to maximum 144 FPS, it was still going way beyond on some menus. This time, I decided I would limit everything. FPS on the menus remained consistent.

I ran Gen Z with graphics at high and ultra with no crash for over an hour.

Still having crashes. I need to do more testing to see if it is due to one of the characters being overweight. I’m pretty much maxed out across recyclables, storage, and all 4 characters.

I seem to be more stable with less stuff.