Constant crashing on ps4

Every time i try to abandon a base, this damn game crashes, im sick of the constant bugs and crashing in this game, I’d drop the game if I didn’t love it.
This is inexcusable how unstable this game as after all these years, get it together already

Stay calm.
The game has changed a lot over the years so it’s normal that some improvements, features, additions do affect the system load.
And the PS4 itself might be the reason, too. It’s old.

But if you read the announcement of the next update you should know, that it will also adress the performance and stability on PS4 and XBox One. May 25th.

Good luck.


Appreciate it, hopefully things get sorted out

I sympathise with PS4 issues, I started on PS4 in the early days and stuck with it until upgrade.
I really like the PS4 but it is showing its age now, the next Gen consoles really run Gen Z much better.
Anyhow I hope you find some stability or decide to upgrade in future :v:

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