Constant FPS drops around forest north of Stora Dyrbo

Platform: PC, Steam

Description: When wondering through the little destroyed forest, game will go from 60-75 fps all the way down to 4 fps. This will always be constant and has been happening since Base Assault dropped as far as i can tell. The FPS will then return to normal upon exiting the forest.

Steps To Reproduce: Load into game, head to Stora Dyrbo (I think thats the place, its the farm north of F23 Overby Airbase), and walk into the destroyed forest.

Images / Videos: Dont have a video of it happening but picture of location. Will grab a video tomorrow.

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: CPU - I5-10400F
GPU - GTX 1650
RAM - 8GB @2667Mhz

And no, its not my RAM as game runs smoothly most of the time.

On PS4 that whole destroyed forest area around the crater has always had terrible performance.

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Indominus-J, A drop to 4 FPS is kind of unplayable at least on that spot for you. I tried to reproduce, but my frame rate (PC solo game) keeps between 80 and 99 FPS. I entered at that exact spot you show on the picture.

On Ps4 pro it’s horrible in that region as stated above.

More info from this bug report, the fps issues seem to only ever occur after i’ve spent around 30 mins in game but cant tell as it happens so frequently. Have a video to add for this now since ive had no time to grab one or forgot to grab one when it happened due to frustration. Dont mean to revive the thread but this is something i would really to at least be looked at.

Link of video for the issue:

I have been Noticing this sudden frame drops too
down from solid 60 to 30 or 15 FPS
while Grinding Threat Points in a Zone <.<

But not around Store Dyrebo… (But i can see why it would happen there too…)
I’ve had this Issue in Southcoast at: Hællebakken High Security Prison (Fnix Outpost, South, West)
and Knaperänna Front Line Outpost (Fnix Power Generator, North East)

I had this frame drop happen 4 Times
and each time while i were fighting “Drop in Hunters”, so what is nearly trying to reach me?
A disarmed Harvester!

This Harvester stuck in the Wall of the Prison facility caused the FPS Drop til it i left combat with it and my FPS returned to normal o.0

Another Harvester got stuck in that Tree while i were dancing with it’s 4 Apoc hunters, but sense it tanked my FPS it were not possible to avoid the hunter attacks and ticks thous i destroyed the harvester and as soon it blew up my FPS were restored and i could easily out dance with the hunters agian ;p

(This Apoc Harvester originally were the one from south east of the Mården Command Bunker, in the forest)

BTW, as i mentioned. " i can see why it would happen there too"
There often is a Harvester about South or South-East of “Store Dyrebo” <.<

Before base assault update I had this happen at Villa Skogsberget in Forest region.
It was the first and only time I had a framedrop on PS5.
There has always been a military harvester next to the lookout. I used one of my newer characters with not as good weapons and went out of ammo for the heavier weapons. I tried to hide at the villa, but then suddenly the framedrop occured. Idk if the harvester got stuck somehow.

It was a hard fight against the hunters and the harvester with just a pistole and a shotgun and limited ammo while framerate was close to unplayable, but when I managed to destroy the harvester, the game suddenly ran as perfect as usual.

Almost seems that the topic should be changed somehow.

Maybe some of the other issues (framedrops next to östervik) are related to the harvesters at Balders Vall / Haga, too.

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I’ve been playing on PS4 since December (more like January though) and these areas I’ve crudely marked in red have always had godawful performance, down to like 1-5 fps. It basically makes these areas unplayable. I’ve had 2 data corrupting crashes in the Östervik area and 2 in the Himfjäll area.

There’s probably some other really bad areas I’m forgetting, but these are the main problematic ones.

Getting the same issue on xbox, altho the fps drops seem to be closer to the safehouse now. I cant exactly state which update introduced this, since ive been in the forest region pretty much since the resistance update.

March 2023 and this Fps drop is still here