Constant FPS drops around forest north of Stora Dyrbo

Platform: PC, Steam

Description: When wondering through the little destroyed forest, game will go from 60-75 fps all the way down to 4 fps. This will always be constant and has been happening since Base Assault dropped as far as i can tell. The FPS will then return to normal upon exiting the forest.

Steps To Reproduce: Load into game, head to Stora Dyrbo (I think thats the place, its the farm north of F23 Overby Airbase), and walk into the destroyed forest.

Images / Videos: Dont have a video of it happening but picture of location. Will grab a video tomorrow.

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: CPU - I5-10400F
GPU - GTX 1650
RAM - 8GB @2667Mhz

And no, its not my RAM as game runs smoothly most of the time.

On PS4 that whole destroyed forest area around the crater has always had terrible performance.

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Indominus-J, A drop to 4 FPS is kind of unplayable at least on that spot for you. I tried to reproduce, but my frame rate (PC solo game) keeps between 80 and 99 FPS. I entered at that exact spot you show on the picture.

On Ps4 pro it’s horrible in that region as stated above.