Contact - Day 2


The group has voted and we’ve decided we should follow-up Staffan’s lead about the mysterious bear picture. The only problem is…how do we get there?


This would sertenly be interesting


We could get there the scientific way :boom: i will set up the launch pad and all ps4 users can be there in a flash , im ready lets go . :rofl::+1:


Boats! Yes, boats! Use like a bicycle. But! We could row to England, so they’ll have to have a hole in them, so you get ten minutes of rowing before you sink! Perhaps they’ve been machine-gunned by the Machines?


Blowing yourself across the pond with propane tanks would do the job pretty well. :smiley:


i guess this means it is definitely the island with the 2 safehouses


Don’t leave me over here all by myself guys I’m still farming rivals


Ehhhhhh is it just me or are those runners blue with yellow…

Maybe a new type coming with the update?


Ah, my theory was that it was on the West Coast, but I’ve hunted the whole coast and I’m wrong! Oh well, wouldn’t be the first time… Must be one of the islands on the East Coast.

My other theory is that he’s just arrived - i.e. that it’s a port on the other side of the water. Can someone over there confirm? Who is it - @Crazedndepraved?


If only there was some kind of means of transportation over bodies of water that existed, with this being an archipelago and all… :thinking:


Some methods may have explosive results! :slight_smile:


I know it’s exciting, but please keep the forums spoiler free of upcoming content.


Experimental runners?


Yeah im hoping they the ski-ing kind of runners , or give me the ski’s and 4 of them runners on harness’s and ho ho ho :rofl:


Or perhaps 4 runners pulling a Santa hunter on skids. :christmas_tree:


Giving out ticks as presents little red and green gremlimachine’s :+1::rofl:


When you kill it it gives you xmas apparel.


Another Christmas knitted sweater :grinning:


The hunter has a snowball launcher.


Frezze attack hunter :rofl: now were cooking