Contact - Day 3


[CONTACT - DAY 3] We’ve managed to get two volunteers across the water under the cover of darkness. After holing up until morning, they managed to scout out some of the areas on this previously unexplored island. More intel to follow as the search for the “bear” continues.


I really like the ski resort idea. Good job lads! :slight_smile:


This is already shaping up to be such a unique area to explore! You can tell hundreds of hours have gone into this, what an exciting time to be a generation zero player :sunglasses:


Im with you tene , when this is out i can then store away for the last time my explosive’s and relax after sorting the robot badness for months , ahhh spa time , now come lets go row me over to my retirement village for breakfast and coffee :+1:


Ain’t nothing like some Fika after a long day of skiing your machine apocalypse worries away! :coffee: Can’t wait to see what this resort will look like in person :smiley:


Now even this old and bitter fart is beginning to get curious :wink::+1:

Wonder how a runner will negotiate an icy slope … :face_with_head_bandage:


No, surely not! You, curious? Have another scotch and breathe deeply, it’ll all pass off in a moment…


@Avalanche_Graham Ummm, aren’t we the ones who are supposed to be doing the volunteering, the crossing the water and the exploring? I’m nearly sure we were…


It would probably end up like those Boston Dynamic dog robots being hit with hockey sticks. :smiley:


Very exciting indeed !! :+1::sunglasses:




If you look closely to the edges, you’ll notice it’s a binocular (you probably already noticed). But them speaking of volunteers, may be a solid lead to NPC’s…


Or those could be skiing goggles :wink:


Now, I have to wonder what supreme tactical significance a ski resort has to FNIX.

Unless there’s something else on that island.


Well, as Obi Wan Kenobi once said:

”It’s over Anakin! I have the high ground!”

So maybe it’s just a tactical position? But knowing the game there’s probably some military installations in the island.


It would be really funny if you could ride the ski lift shooting down on a bunch of runners