Contact - Day 4


We’re narrowing down the location bit by bit, avoiding the Machines where possible. We had a run-in with one of the “hunter” types yesterday, it was like nothing we’ve faced before! We’re hoping that tomorrow can finally give us some answers!

Game + idea: How to improve to Game +

HMMMMM :thinking: i’m excited to see what this will lead to for our little gang’s adventure we’ve been experiencing through these pictures. I wondered if we’d get hints over the weekend, so glad we are :smiley:


What is this, working through the weekend? That’s not very swedish :smile:


Very unswedish indeed! :grin: But also on the other hand, the weekend would be the best time to do some skiing in the mountains methinks :skier:


I was told they dont work weekends , aye xezr they broke there rule :+1: this island must be very important . :sweat_smile: tene get yer ski’s ready were going on holiday very soon


Well, y’know. Managing a ski resort is hard work with all them Machines about.


Well, enjoy your skiing, guys. I worked in Norway for five years, and on a cross-country skiing trip I met a man with his five year old son. As the kid passed me, he asked his daddy: “Papa, Papa, hvorfor går mannen så rart?” (Daddy, why is that man skiing so silly?). So I went home and packed the skis up for life :confused:


I had a rather hard meeting with a tree up in a Norwegian slalom course back in the 80s. So i went home, sold my skis and bought a Commodore 64. Never looked back.



I don’t remember that last time I didn’t do at least SOME work over the weekend. :stuck_out_tongue:


And I hope you’re working on tomorrow’s post! I have the same in France - they can’t understand why I’ve got a month’s holiday still untaken for this year - stuff to do, can’t get away!


That is soooo sad! And all for a five year old. They don’t know junk, five year olds. When he’s your age, he’ll ski like that too. It’s experience that made you do it. Get them skis out - it it works, it’s stylish…


Well i can assure you we in the community notice that work and it’s part of why we’re all so passionate to support this game, the combination of hard development work and excellent CM work keeps our fires burning for this game!


Yes i can say the input from a dev on the forum keeps us all searching for more info and cookies , to put out a post everyday! is outstanding :+1: , but don’t forget xezr keeps the Ski’s steady :grinning::+1: cheers


That is the Island I mentioned in my Mixer stream yesterday that I thought you would open for this! I am now even more excited…


And that enthusiasm and dedication is what great things are made of :+1:


Well…an old saying in Norway is that we are born with ski on the feets…some 5 years old are pretty damn good skiers actually :wink:


Yes, they are. Pretty scary, actually!

Which is practical in wintertime, but complicates giving birth a bit.


Yup, needs a max opening at delivery :wink:


Thats why more kids should have been born with the breadbin C64s at birth… More rounded edges and alot less painful for our mothers. And they didnt have to worry about their kids getting their heads slammed up against trees.



I played the Grand Piano rather well as a kid. My mother told me, that I was born with it in my hands. Never really believed her, though.