Container Trap!

Platform: PC
Description: An enterable container at Aso where you can climb in to access a loot box but cannot get out!
Steps To Reproduce: Container at Aso near the small industrial facility with the ceramic pipes on the jetty and on the lorry. Its the container nearest the metal corrugated warehouse (left-hand one as you face the sea).
Images / Videos: see below
Host or Client: Single player game.
Players in your game: 1
Specifications: AMD II X4 645 Processor (4 CPUs), ~3.1GHz / 16GB RAM / GeForce GTX 1060 3GB

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Not sure if it’s a known issue or not, but it is indeed annoying (though not as much IMO as the containers that have lootable boxes in them that you just can’t get to at all).

FWIW, if you’re careful, you can get out without having to jump to the nearest safe-house by using a field-radio.

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There is s safe house very close by so it was no biggie - just frustrating. I felt like a mouse who had got the cheese but was stuck.

There are a number of others though that aren’t right near safe houses, so it’s not always a triviality like that.


Okay thanks. I have only been playing the game a couple of weeks and this is my first tricky one.

I know there’s a boathouse safehouse where a box spawns under the stairs but you can’t get anywhere close to it

had that happen today, except it was a standing gun crate I was after.

In real life, in that situation, you wouldn’t able to get at everyone’s stuff. Find another and move on. If you are stuck, throw a radio out of the container and fastravel back to it…

Now if, on the other hand, you are proposing a “crawl” mode, by which you could get out, then I am absolutely onside. I want to crawl, not just through containers, but bushes and windows…